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Russian Tales: The Missing Ring

St. Petersburg, Russia

In the Czar's castle, there lived a princess named Vasillisa II. She and her mother gave money to homeless children, fed the hungry and took care of the poor. The villagers of St. Petersburg were so happy that they invited Baba Yaga, an old Russian hag, to the palace.
Ms. Yaga had a three magic rings: one that could teleport you to her house, the second could take you to the Netherworld and the third could vanquish evil creatures.

One day, some robbers walked into the palace and took one of Ms. Yaga's rings! In the morning, Ms. Yaga was furious when she woke up and found her frist ring missing. "Where could they be?" She asked the princess, "Mabey they're in the cupboard." Vasillisa II answered.

So Baba looked in the cupboard, but all she found was her basket of cakes and some vodka. "They're not here!" She screamed, slamming the cabinet door. She hopped onto her broom and flew across Russia to the Kingdom of Sweets.

"Does anybody know where my ring is?" She asked Princess Clara, the little girl shook her head. Baba Yaga went into a cottage and saw the theives, "Did you take my rings?" She asked them. "We didn't take them," They lied.

Baba Yaga became so angry that lightning shot out from her fingertips and burned the robbers to a crisp. Back at the palace, the Czar was amazed. "How do you get them back?" He asked. "It's kind of a long story," Ms. Yaga answered.

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