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A Night in the Old Farm House

A myth submitted to the site by Chelsea Fisher

Iowa, America

Regan Matthews slammed the car door behind her and looks up at the old farm house.

“Come on Regan it isn’t going to be that bad. You will make friends in no time,” Said her mom.
Regan rolled her eyes and turned around to get her stuff out of the car. She wasn’t excited about moving to Iowa, she had to leave all of her friends behind in South Carolina. Her parents moved her here because of their new job. Her parents were CEO’s of a company they built. They wanted to move to Iowa to expand their business.

When Regan got her stuff out of the car and turned around her dad said standing in front of her and grabbed her shoulders.

He said, “Come on Regan it won’t be that bad.”
Regan rolled her eyes

“Yea, Sure Dad.”

When Regan saw her bedroom it was dusty and smelled like mold. She threw her bags on the mattress and dust flew up.

She mumbled under her breathe, “Great.”

When she walked into the bathroom it was really disgusting, but as she lifted up the toilet seat she could see rust stains and other stains she didn’t want the think about. She closed the toilet seat and tried not to get sick.

“Regan come on were going to get something to eat in town,” said her mom.

Regan walked into her bedroom grabbed her iPod and book. As she was walking down the stairs she was picking what song she should listen to in the car, when she stepped on one of the stairs her foot went right through it.

“Dad, my foot went through the stairs!”

Her dad walked to the bottom of the stair case and said, “Well why did you do that for?”

Regan exhaled and said, “Dad this is not a time to joke, can you help me, please?”

Her dad came coming up the stairs and helped her maneuver her foot out of the hole. Her dad looked at her ankle to make sure nothing was wrong.

Regan looked at her dad and said, “You go down the stairs first so I don’t fall into any holes.”

When they got to the diner a waitress seated them at a booth ad said they would let them look at their menus. A couple from a table next to theirs turned around and said, “Hi were the Henrys, did you guys just move here?”

Mr. Matthews said, “Yes just got here today, moved into the Hilton house.”

The couple looked at them uncomfortably and said, “Be careful in that house, a family was murdered there 90 years ago today and rumor has it that every anniversary you can hear the guy clomping up the stairs.”

Mr. Matthews chuckled and said, “We’ll keep an eye out for him.”

Mrs. Matthews looked concerned and said, “That probably isn’t true right?”

“No, I think their just messing with us, nobody is going to be coming up the stairs, and after dinner we can stop at the hardware store and get some locks.”

When the waitress came to take their drink and food order she said, “I’ve never seen you guys, did you just move here?”

Mrs. Matthews said, “Yes, into the Hilton house.”

The waitress looked concerned and said, “Be careful in that house, a family was murdered there 90 years ago.”

Mr. Matthews nodded his head and said, “Yea we heard, the Henrys said theirs a guy that clomps up the stairs every year on the anniversary were going to go and get locks for the house because they don’t have any.”

“That won’t keep him out,” Said that waitress

After dinner when they walked into the hardware store the guy behind the counter said, “Hey what can I help you with?”

Mr. Matthews said, “We need some locks, we just moved into the Hilton house.”

The guy looked at him and said, “Yea I can do that for you, but if I were you I would put flour on the stairs and on the floor in front of the front door to see if somebody actually comes up the stairs.”

Regan said, “That would be cool, can we try that?”

Mrs. Matthew said, “Yea, we can go to the store right now.”

When Mrs. Matthew and Regan walked into the grocery store the lady behind the check-out counter said, “Hi, what can I help you with?”

“Hi, were looking for some flour,” said Mrs. Matthews

“Oh that’s over here by the cake mix.”

“Thank you”

“Did you guys just move here?”

“Yes, we moved into the Hilton house.”

“Oh you need to be careful in that house, I heard that the anniversary of the murder you can hear the guy hitting the wall with his ax…practicing.”

“Wow that sounds scary, the guy at the hardware store said to put flour on the stairs and in front of the front door.”

“Yes, Gary would say that, but I don’t know if it’s true.”

“Well were going to find out tonight.”
The lady behind the counter handed her the bag of flour and said, “Sorry, I didn’t introduce myself, I’m Belinda.”

“Oh I’m sorry too, I’m Emily and this is my daughter Regan.”

“Nice to meet you, you guys have a good night.”

“Thanks you too.”

Later that night after the put the locks on the doors and put the flour in front of the front door and on the stairs.

Regan had to admit she was a little scared but excited to see in the rumor was true.

Regan was woken up in the middle of the night by a really loud bang. She sat up and grabbed the flashlight on her nightstand and looked around the room but nothing was there. There’s that noise again. She pulled her blanket up under her chin and tried to relax.

Suddenly she heard somebody clomping up the stairs she ran out of her bedroom to her parents room and jumped on there bed.

“Regan what are you doing?”

“There is somebody coming up the stairs, I can hear them and I heard somebody hitting the wall.”

Her dad sat up and said, “Alright, I’ll go check it out.”

Her dad went to the top of the stairs and said, “Regan did you walk up the stairs?”
“No I ran to your bedroom, why?”

“Because, there are footprints in the flour and neither of us went downstairs.”

By Chelsea Fisher
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