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How did the lion get his mane?

A myth submitted to the site by Piotrek

Zurich, Poland

How did the lion get its mane?
A long, long time ago at the top of a mountain there was a village called Kimbu. The village was very big and in Kimbu there were all kinds of animals. When the village got bigger and wealthier.
The door opened and lion Lax got in a little house. His wife Dix was cooking dinner in an only room of the hut.
- Hi, how was today?
- Never mind.
- No, come on. Tell me!
- Duncan became the king.
- No!
- Yes.
- OOO. That is sad. Tell me what happened.
- Kiki choose him because, he had a mane.
- That is not fair.
- That is the way it is.
After a few weeks the king Duncan isn’t liked by population. Lax just came back from work. Suddenly the bell in the door rang. Ding Dong. Lax opened the door and he saw an old women.
- Hello, can I help you?- said Lax
- I can help you became the king, but you have to complete a challenge. I will give you 100 coins and you have to spend them only for your salve. If you give someone any coin I won’t help you.

Suddenly the women disappeared. Lax closed the door and got to sleep. Tuk, Tuk, Tuk. Lax got up from the horror. In his dream he saw an old women disappearing and then nothing. Darkness. Tuk, Tuk, Tuk, the sound repeated. Tuk, Tuk. Lax went to see the door. Tuk, Tuk. The sound was coming from outside the door. Lax opened the door and then he saw complete darkness. But, wait. Something was shining on the ground. He saw 100 coins under his feet. Next day he remembered the dream and Lax still had his coins in a pocket. Lax remembered that he has to spend them only for him salve.

He walked outside to the street…. After a few hours he went to a doctor, hairdresser, restaurant, trip and circus but, he only spend 17 coins. At the way back Lax bought a snack. When he walked into Lion’s Street Lax saw a poor cat around the corner. The cat wanted money for his family to get food. Lax at first ignored him but, after a moment he realized how hard it to be in that situation was. Lax remembered that if he wanted to get help from old women he needed to keep money. Lax thought about the cat and decided to give him all money to feed the cat’s family. The cat was so pleased with Lax. “What a nice lion,” he thought. Suddenly the cat realized that it is Lax, and Lax lost with Duncan because, he didn’t have mane. “I will give him a mane” thought the old cat.
“Hey, thanks”
“You are welcome.”
“They stood in the rain. Lax had to go. He turned around and started going to his house. Suddenly lightning had gone through the air!!! Lax turned around. In the old cat’s place now stood the old women.
“Well, done.”
You gave money to the old cat but, it was me. You have beautiful heart. As a reward I will give you mane to help you win with Duncan.
After a few weeks the lion Lax sat on the throne with a great mane. Duncan was send to jail and everyone lived happily ever after.

By Piotrek
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