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Written in Blood

A myth submitted to the site by A

City, America

One day a young girl was walking home from school when she came across a barbed-wire fence. She was curious about it because there was something she found suspicious, but she couldn't quite put her foot on it. Even though it had a sign that said electric fence, Athezra decided to climb it since no one where they lived had enough money for an electric fence, but there was a lot of crime; they just wanted to scare people. As Athezra was climbing the fence, she noticed something very odd in the distance, though couldn't tell exactly what it was. When she got over the fence, she quick ran in that direction, so as not to be seen.

Once she finally made it to the unknown something, she saw that it was just a gravestone in a gravesite. Though, this one was very different. This one was distinct, the reason being that all the words were written on this one in blood. The bloody words ended with a calligraphy tool and there was a puddle of blood spilled under the pen. Athezra thought that the particularly curious thing was that the blood wasn't dried, it was still completely liquid. She was a bit worried that it was written in ink, but she just believed the blood to be red pen ink.

All of a sudden, a familiar voice to Athezra, who became apparent to this, was screaming bloody murder. She quick ran up, and screamed "Wayke! Wayke!" Athezra raced to her friend who was bleeding convolsively. Wayke was laying on the sidewalk with blood gushing down her arm.

"He-stabbed. He-he-said-not-to scream. I-I-I-did."
"Wayke, Wayke, Wayke-I'm, I'm gonna call 911. Who did this to you?"
"He-wore-black. He-had-a-mask. He-stabbed. He----Owwwwwwwww!!"

Athezra called the cops and ambulance as quickly as she could and helped Wayke onto the gourney with the EMTs' help. They rushed back to the hospital with her parents and Wayke's family.

After many days of Wayke being in the hospital and nearly dying, she finally returned back to school. Athezra still had never been able to talk to Wayke about what happened, since she was in such horrible conditions. But today was her chance to figure out what happened and maybe what the attempted-homosidal killer's possible motive was

"So, Wayke; sorry to mention this so close to the attack, but......"
"Well, I just wanted to know if you maybe, could tell me what he did to you."
"He came up to me, just a random stranger, off the street, when I was going to the grocery store to pick up some milk. Then he walked closer, pulled out a knife, then ran away. It was at, like, 3:11. He, just, well, you know, and then rushed away over to the cemetary behind the barbed fence behind your house."
"Wait, so, that man, he must've been the one to write on that grave, but, why?"
"Oh, nothing, but-"

"We have found out who the attacker was, girls." the nurse said as she walked in after ringing the doorbell to Wayke's home.
"Who? Wayke, as soon as I can get my hands on them-I'll-I'll-"
"Stop, Athezra. You know you can't do anything to him. It's okay. I'm better. Really."

When Athezra went to investigate, she saw that the blood was still fresh, which she didn't understand. But wait-the name was the same as the man's that hurt Wayke.

She was watching the news later that night and she saw someone else had been stabbed in their right arm, same as Wayke, and by that man. In the same town.

When Athezra went back to the cemetary a few days later, to crack the code, the blood was fresh yet again. And the death date of the same man that attacked both children-was- 78 years ago. Apparently the man was a child when he died and someone stabbed him in his right arm, though he died from blood loss. Ever since that day, it's said that he stabs a child every day, making sure not to kill them, and makes the blood fresh on the same stone that the attacker buried him under, writing all the words in his fresh blood.

By A
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