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The Legend of the Wolfess

Addlestone, Surrey, United Kingdom

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  • The Legend of the Wolfess

Long, long ago James, a 13 year old boy, lived in a small village. He had a terrible argument with his parents and ran away. He ran to the scariest woods where nobody goes and soon he got lost. He came across an old creaky house.

He rang the door bell which made a massive sound and Elizabeth, a 15 year old girl, answered the rotten old door and said:
"Hello, what can I do for you?".
James told her his story so she invited him in. They talked well into the evening and found that they had a lot in common. Elizabeth said that he could stay overnight and showed him to his room. Elizabeth said:
"Are you hungry?"

"Yes," said James. So they had dinner.
"What's in this dinner?" asked James.
Elizabeth didn't answer. James felt tired and went to bed. He fell asleep in his clothes and shoes. Elizabeth began to clear the dishes and wash them with dirty water. As she entered the kitchen and looked out of the window, the moon shone big and bright and Elizabeth dropped the plates and the transformation began!

James awoke with the howling of a wolf in his ear. He jumped out of his bed and crept to the bedroom door. He opened the door to the dark corridor and there, staring at him, were two blood red eyes of a werewolf. He ran out of the room into the corridor chased by Elizabeth. He ran out of the house and into the forest .. he tripped over a root of an old tree and Elizabeth caught up with him and scratched him with her claws as sharp as a knife.

As Elizabeth was going to bite him, she suddenly realised how much they had in common and stopped. He ran back to the village where he told everyone about his story but nobody believed him. So Elizabeth still remains in her house today waiting for her next arrival.

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Showcase story administrator comments

This story mixes the ordinary (e.g. James' argument with his parents and Elizabeth clearing the dishes) with the scary (creaky house and howling of a wolf) and this keeps the readers on their toes – wondering what is going to happen. There is also a lovely twist near the end.

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