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Zomulous vs Homona

A myth submitted to the site by Harry Rudd

Ancient Rome , Italy

In Roman time did you here about the story of Zomulous vs Homona? Well if you haven’t the adventure begins here!

Zomulous was a brilliant breath taking strong man because he did lot of exercising.
He was very nice but he never had a girlfriend. He had no friends and never had a sister.

One day in the magical and mythical castle. Zomulous was working to make money for his family to eat. Then one of the guards came bursting in shouting “Your mum has been taken to the underworld!” So Zomulous said “I will go to the underworld to save my mum!”

So then Zomulous went off to the terrifying underworld to save his mum. Zomulous took a tub of ink and a magic feather from a magical goose. So he left the castle and set off on his dangerous quest. He crossed the bridge of flowers and made it past the love dolphin.

Then he saw the entrance to the under world so he got closer and closer and closer until he made it to the door. The door was locked and someone though away the key. So he wrote on his arm “Can I become strong?” So the magic feather turned him in to a strong man and he knocked the door down. Then he saw the entrance to Homona’s lair but it was guarded by evil spiders. Then Zomulous remembered that the magic goose feather could grant wishers.

But Zomulous was still really strong so he scared the life out of the spiders. But then the spiders turned even bigger. So Zomulous wrote on his arm “I wish I had a sword!” Then he got a sword and chopped the spiders heads off. Then he did find the key to the entrance to Homona’s lair and entered .

Then Zomulous and Homona had a battle and Zomulous still had the sword so he chopped 4 of Homonas legs off. So Homona got one of spiders to kill Zomulous but Zomulous just cut it in half. Then cut the rest of Homona’s legs off.

After Zomulous cut Homonas legs off, a load of terrorfing ,spooky, dead hands did come out of the ground and Homona was laughing “HA HA HA HAAAAAAAA you wont be alive for much longer HA HA HA!” Then the scary spooky ,terrifying dead hands were actually going for Homona so he shouted “NO NO NOOOOOOOOO!” Then pulled him down to hell. Then Zomolous found his mum and untied her and took here home

When they got home, Jupitor thought “That boy had saved his mum from the under world he deserves to be a god! ”So then Zomulous was a god and his mum was so proud of him. She did tell her family and they lived happily ever after!

Class 9

By Harry Rudd
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