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A Long Journey

Mt. Olympus, Greece , greece

Mt. Olympus, Greece

One time long ago on Mt. Olympus Zeus, the god of
all gods was walking to his house/temple passing all the other gods houses/temples when every god except Hades and Poseidon his two older brothers started screaming “WE WANT A NEW RULER!!!!!!!!!!” the next thing Zeus knew was that forty gods were running at him so Zeus hades and Poseidon were fleeing from there temples to hades temple far, far away from earth that can only be gotten to by a really long journey through the sky across the ocean and through the underworld.

After walking and walking for days the god’s finally reached the sky. Zeus had to use hundreds of lightning-bolts to destroy all the obstacles. After an hour or two of destruction, running, and doging they made it to the end of the sky and then Zeus turned around to see how far they went and noticed something approaching them but they were on the other side of the sky and it turned out to be all the gods lead by Ares, god of war. Hades Zeus and Poseidon had fallen out of the sky and into the ocean and luckily they all knew how to swim and later Hades and Zeus had took two breaks Poseidon screamed “Enough, Starfish!!!” and a giant starfish fell out of nowhere and they all climbed on and they were taken around all the rocks and into the underworld and to the door of Hades palace.

Hades muttered the password but the door didn’t open, after six tries so Zeus shot lightning at the door FAIL. Poseidon shot water at the door FAIL. Hades shot skulls at the door FAIL. So Poseidon remembered something his father Kronos had told him before Zeus had killed him and that was “One man alone is impossible, together nothing is impossible.” So Poseidon said “All of us should shoot the door at the same time”
“Sure” said Hades “Just destroy my palace yeah, good idea” So on the count of three they all shot the door and it busted open and they all were safe.

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