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Zeus and Ariadne (Theseus and the Minotaur continued)

Crete, Greece, , Greece, Crete

Once upon a time, in a land called Crete, there lived a man named after Zeus, one of the kings of Greece and his partner, Ariadne. One day Zeus and Ariadne decided to get married but there was one problem, Zeus had a brother named Theseus who had, years ago, ditched Ariadne on a little island.

Now Theseus wanted Ariadne back but she did not want to go with him after the horrible things he had done so Theseus had made a plan. "On there wedding day I will burst in and capture Ariadne, force her to marry me and we will all live happily ever after"
Theseus demanded to his huge army "yes sir, sir yes sir" they all bellowed together.

Finally the day came and everyone was talking about the wedding.
"ooh, I am so excited, I cant wait for the priest to reveal the golden rings" one person said,
"yes but I cant wait for Zeus to say I do" another said,
"or Ariadne to say yes" one more said.
So the hour came and went but there was still no sign of Theseus, not even a thread of his black coat were on the floor, not even a stride of his blonde hair on the dinner table. But then... BANG! a huge crash turned to silence, everyone gazing at the ruined wedding cake. Breaking the silence Theseus cried "oh no, I have ruined the cake", Theseus pointed at the surrounding balconies and men, one by one, came galloping towards Ariadne, she screamed and kicked her legs as the men held her arms. Trying to grip on to the concrete ground, they struggled to keep there balance and almost fell over.
"What have I done?" cried Zeus in despair.

The rest of Ariadne`s life was spent peeling bananas and cutting apples and carrots because Theseus left her on an island by herself again, Theseus lived his life by making money and leading people into certain death, and for Zeus, well all he did for the rest of his life was being miserable and sad.


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