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Zeus' Box and the Secrets of the World

A myth submitted to the site by Jadey

Athens, Greece

A long time ago, the vast lands of Athens – had a terrible secret that no-one had dared to talk about…Until one day! “Ma I have found something” Exclaimed a shrewd little girl who was blessed with the talent of Athena (Athens protector goddess). “Oh Atlanta what is it now?” Asked her mother althea. “It’s a box, and it’s bolted very well!” started the young girl “Oh ma its speaking and it’s saying well I can’t make it out but it is speaking!”

Atlanta keep is as her box safe in her bedroom; it was very special to her and, until one day, she didn’t have the strength or the courage to open it. She carefully lifted the treasured lid with her nimble fingers. A great gust of wind swept up into her face knocking her out with the coldness. Eventually, she woke up as startled as a new born baby. Voices drifted through her head like whispers from the dead! A beautiful woman stood before her eyes. “You have finally woken my dear; please take to your feet” Said the mysterious woman. Obediently, Atlanta stood up dazed by her beauty.

“Err, Ma’am I don’t know why I’m here or where I am?” Asked Atlanta. “You’re here to replace me my dear” Replied Athena. Atlanta looked at her not able to believe what she was hearing.
“Take a seat on the diamond throne of love to precede your replacement” Said a bold voice from above. Athena quickly sat and took two golden apples from the side of each side and whirled them up in the air creating a GIANT whirlpool. In a blink of eye she was gone; replaced by Atlanta

From that day on Atlanta has been protecting her country also althea was found guilty of speaking to a Spartan and faced a death penalty. Atlanta will soon be replaced with a younger protector but until then she will be the most powerful goddess of all!

By Jadey
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