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Bridgwater, England

Once there was a person called Mrs Howard. Mrs Howard had one son that was called Harry and Mrs Howard was married.

One Halloween night everyone went trick or treating even Mrs Howard and her husband and Harry went too. Soon after they all went to every house in the neighbourhood Mrs Howard stopped with out telling her son or husband. Then out of the shadows came a tall black figure and took Mrs Howard away...

Soon Harry said "Mum are you okay?MUM?!" Harry said to his dad, "Dad mum isn't behind us shes..shes... shes been kidnapped!!!".
"Oh No! I'll call the police!". Then Harry's dad quickly called the police and soon found Harry and his dad they asked when the last time they saw her. They said the last time they saw her she and them were going past this lane.

After that the police went down the lane with Harry and his dad. After a while the police found an old broken house at the end of the lane so they decided to go inside. Suddenly they saw a dark figure at the top of the stairs and it started to say "You want the lady don't you?" Harry started to shake. "You can have her back but give me you money or she get dropped. "Mum!No!" Harry screamed. "Fine!" Harry said. "Heres your money!". "Thank you heres your mum back. Rat!" Harry untied his mum and gave her a big hug.

Quickly, the police sprinted upstairs and grabbed the man and gave back Harry's money.
"Well lets get him in the car and take him to jail." said the chief of the Police.

"Well I guess we'll head home then cause I think its been a long night." said Mrs Howard.

So Mrs Howard and her family went home and had a nice warm drink and went to bed.

The end

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