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The Ancient Story of Benous

A myth submitted to the site by Ben Wright

Createa, Greece

A long time ago in ancient Greece lived a young boy called Benous. Benous was an incredible strong boy. Benous got up one morning very early to the sound of a eagle flying fast and high out of his window. As he looked he could see a rather strange creature lurking through the dark grey clouds right by the god Tomnas.

Tomnas is an extremely strong, almost stronger than Benous, but not quite. Tomnas and Benous are very good friends. But at the moment he is in great danger from the angry creature Chegle. Suddenly a humongous tail that was aiming straight at tomnas and flied straight at tomnas until oh no tomnas has just been hit he wakes up and a ferocious battle takes place at the top of the snowy mountain and it’s not looking so good for tomnas as he is getting hit and bitten but no he’s dead I tell my dad Waste man and he’s not so happy at all…

Tomnas is really dead I still can’t believe it we see chegle fly away into the night sky and we are that cross that we follow him to his creepy lair. We really have not found much out after one day all we know is that he has two slaves named sphinx and Bickeous Waste man my dad wants to sleep but I say no because I think we need to follow him to his lair but it takes 2 weeks but eventully we do reach are destination and we find a safe place by a nearby tree in a obscure forest.

As we sleep we hear a noise approximately 5:30am and wonder over to the creepy dark cave where we spot chegle and sphinx and bickious and suddenly chegle orders them to kill the man that was looking out of the window, because apparently I have all the evidence just because I saw him kill tomnas.

Sphinx was a rather strong character compared to the un clever bickeous character who’s still very strong, but compared to chegle there both nothing and if I have to face chegle this may turn out to be an extremely hard battle and even I am very anxious about facing him face to face. But still I do know his weakness and it is if you make fun of him you will take abilities out of him. But now I need to focus how to defeat sphinx and bickious.

I reackon my dad will take on sphinx mainly just because very powerful ill probely attempt to take on bickious which is not so much of a challenge for me. But I’m still scared and petrified. All I was thinking in the forest was how I would kill bickious and what his weakness is. But mainly I’m worried about my dad because he is against a really hard person and is going is to die, but I completely think that he won’t though, but all I have to do just stay safe.

Later when we woke up I had seen the two slaves Sphinx and bickious and they were exploring all the forest until oh no the dreaded moment had eventually come and it was worse than I thought, because he is at least 9 foot tall but I still reckon I could at least stay alive and win. By now he is running right towards me and I am not prepared and terrified this really makes me think that he is invisible and at the same time I’m thinking what am I going to do. He’s getting nearer and nearer but I say STOP and luckily he does stop and I smash him in the face and helpfully he falls over and stats to cry so I stomp on him and oh yes he’s dead. But my dad is getting floored so I decide to jump on him so then he dies, and I help my dad up but he hurt his leg and it is very bad so he goes and I go to defeat my ultimate nemesis but I think he is going to be too powerful for me but I will still go to attack.

When suddenly I see him and think that it’s a chance so I run right towards him to attack and he spots me… I keep running till I reach chegle and he strikes first and has already floored me and is very happy until I jump up and I am on the attack but he doesn’t get affected whatsoever and is to strong so I jump out of the way of his attack and he makes me look stupid because it goes straight to me as if I jumped into his attack but he is way too powerful for me and sadly I die nooooooooooooooooooooo but yes when I’m just dead on the floor I see my dad behind chegle and yes he’s dead yeeeeeeeeees he’s dead but sadly my dad can’t help me so I die but my team still one that’s they only good thing!


By Ben Wright
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