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Mr. Knowledge

Mayfair, Johannesburg, South Africa

Mr. Knowledge was one of the cleverest people in town who could answer every question right. Because he was so clever everybody liked him but he had only one problem, he needed a job.

Mr. Knowledge said to himself that I will ask everybody for a good job. So first he went to ask Mr. Chatterbox for a good job. Mr. Chatterbox told him to chat as long as he could. Mr.Knowledge didn’t want a job to chat.

So he went to ask Mr. Christmas for a job. Mr. Christmas told Mr. Knowledge to deliver all the gifts to kids and adults. But he didn’t want to deliver the gifts. Then he went to Mr. Small asking for a job.

Mr. Small told Mr. Knowledge to write books but Mr. Small was very very tiny for Mr. Knowledge. So he went to ask Mr. Slow for a good job. Mr. Slow told him that he can shop as slow as 24 hours but Mr. Knowledge slept at 7’O clock so he couldn’t shop 24 hours.

So he went to ask Mr. Nonsense for a good job, but Mr. Nonsense told him to drink wine, beer, wiskey, alcohol, which was nothing but nonsense. Then Mr. Knowledge went to ask Mr. Tickle for a good job.

Mr. Tickle told Mr. Knowledge to tickle people who are sad, but Mr. Knowledge did not like even this job.

At last he went to Mr. Grumpy asking for a good job. But Mr. Grumpy banged the door on poor poor Mr. Knowledge’s nose, which was very very very painful. So Mr. Knowledge went home to think of a good job.

At home he thought and thought and thought, but then it was too late and Mr. Knowledge had to sleep. Next day he woke up and got ready to look for good job. Mr. Knowledge didn’t know who to ask for a good job so he thought and thought and thought the whole day.

He was very worried that when he gets old and if he still doesn’t get a job then he wont remain clever. Mr. Knowledge thought of making Computers, Laptops, Tvs, Nintendos and things that have screens and people can learn something new. So he started inventing those things.

Everybody came to buy these things from shops. People loved watching Tv and kids loved playing Nintendos and Moms and Dads loved watching different things on Computers and Laptops.

Everybody in town lived happily ever after, and so did Mr. Knowledge. After all this was the best job he did. That’s the end of the story.

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