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Sssshhh, Some one's there but who!?!?

A myth submitted to the site by Fiza


Have you ever dreamed the future before it happened?
A girl did ,Her name was Katy. Before the day of Halloween night she had a dream or maybe it was a nightmare.

When the day of Halloween came she was getting dressed for Halloween and guess what she got dressed as........A Vampire! When she got outside there was no body there! She was frightened and thought maybe she should go inside and then she thought maybe that was one of her dreams . Mostly her dreams and nightmares seemed real so she couldn't tell the difference. She wanted to go to the next street and see if some body was there. She did and saw a house and a door with a sign saying don't ring the bell more than 1 time so Katy rang it once and waited a while but there was no answer. She rang the bell again and this time she rang it more that only once. There still was no answer so she entered because the door opened it self and when she did she saw a girl but her back was turned .She started to talk to the girl but it was as if the girl couldn't hear her.

Katy heard the sound of leather boots approaching. She wanted to hide and she did. She was shocked when she saw the sound was being made by a Vampire in his leather boots! She thought it was a Vampire from the teeth in his mouth.
It was a Vampire. It was true, not only in stories but Vampires really existed .Now for sure she thought it was a nightmare.

The Vampire put his hands on the girl's shoulders and then sank his teeth into her neck! When the Vampire had drunk all her blood he went outside of the door and then Katy went closer to the body of the girl and turned her round and saw that she not only had the same costume as Katy but also she was identical to her! Katy was horrified and wanted to wake up ,she did with a blood cuddling scream.

It was morning when she woke up, she was relived that it was only a nightmare. But then when it was night, the night of Halloween it happened.........she dressed her self as a Vampire and set of. There was no body there just like her nightmare so she went to the next street and saw a house with a sign saying Don't ring more than once just like in her nightmare. There was no answer so she rang the bell again and this time more than once but the door was open so she went in and heard the sound of leather boots just like her nightmare! She now for sure knew it was going to be a Vampire so she wanted to hide desperately but it was too late. Guess who was making the sound……..A Vampire in his leather boots!!! He took hold of her and sank his teeth into her neck! She was dead, her nightmare was real. She stood up and went with the Vampire……...Guess why and how…..because she had turned into a Vampire

By Fiza (aged 11)

By Fiza
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Name: Sara 6th May 2013
cool story fizz i love it.
Name: Fiza 29th November 2012
I think soon I will be making a new myth and I hope if you read it you will like it!
Name: Naomi 9th September 2012
Wow that was a fantastic story
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