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The Weather God.

A myth submitted to the site by Neave

forest, New Zealand

Many years ago when the sky was black and had never seen rain, sun or clouds a farmer, poet and a scientist came upon a forest they had never discovered before. They looked at it and decided to go in and find dinner.

As they approached the forest they noticed that there was water falling from the sky (rain.) They walked on like nothing had happened until suddenely the scientist pointed out a big lump of fog that disappeared when they came closer to it (cloud.) Then a bright,warm light came into sight and disappeared again (sun.)

They saw a little cave and thought there would be some kind of animal in there so they went in and found an unexpected big ghostly figure that turned out to be the weather god. The god explained to them that he didn't now weather to have sun, clouds or rain as the weather and asked them for their opinion.

The scientist asked for clouds for they were intresting and said he wanted to study them. The poet asked for sun for it was bright and brang joy that he could write about.

The farmer asked for rain so he wouldn't have to water his plants. It wasn't long before arguement began.

The god decided to have not just one weather but all three so they would all be happy. They all agreed with this idea and so the god gave them some food then they all left happily.

Thats why the weather is always changing and when it is rainy, sunny and cloudy all at once a colourful rainbow comes out.

By Neave
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