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Rosetail and Stormfur Chapter 2

A myth submitted to the site by BritneyXD

RiverClan camp, the lake, Unknown

Rosetail blinked away sleep. She rose to her paws and shook scraps of moss from her pelt. Her sleep was interrupted several times by disturbing dreams. Mudfur, the former RiverClan medicine cat, was warning her about something that she could never remember when she woke. No matter how much she thought, all she could recall him saying was, "Rosetail! I have a message for you! Tell Leopardstar..." The dreams were very disturbing. Rosetail pushed the thought out of her mind.

Her friend, Mosspelt, poked her head in the Warrior's den. "Hurry up! The rest of the Dawn Patrol is leaving!" She meowed urgently. "Okay, okay," Rosetail answered. "Meet you outside the den in a moment." Rosetail gave herself a quick wash and ran out of the den to find her friend waiting for her. "Come on!" She mewed impatiently.

While she was on patrol, thoughts of her dreams came rushing back to her. "Rosetail! You need to know that..." She shivered. Lost in thought, Rosetail wasn't watching where she was going. Suddenly, she felt something clamp onto her hind leg. She let out a yowl of alarm and Mistyfoot came sprinting back. "Help me!" Rosetail hissed, trying to hide her pain, and failing. "Dawnflower! Go back to camp and fetch help! Quickly!" Mistyfoot ordered. "Don't worry, Rosetail, we'll have you out soon," She said, although it seemed Mistyfoot was trying to convince herself just as much as she was trying to convince Rosetail.

As Leopardstar was walking to her den, Dawnflower burst through the camp entrance. "Rosetail is caught in a fox trap!"

By BritneyXD
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