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Helen and the Loobas

wolverhampton, West Midlands, England

Now before I even start my myth I am going to tell you what a loobas is. It is just really a normal little GIRL who looks very sweet but inside theyre not. You see, each night when your asleep, they all swap souls but never their wax bodys for their so called mother will realise. Loobases also love chocolate biscuit. So be carefull, for it may be your younger sister or your friend or anybody!...

One fine day in the West Midlands, a lady called Helen was sweeping up with her younger daughter Sara. They both sat down and played some games.
"Sara! shouted Helen, do you have any homework?"
"Yes mum, I have to learn my seven times tables can you help me?" Sara replied.
So they sat down and learnt them togethaer. It was getting quite late and Sara went off to bed. But you know what happend don't you? Yes they did swap souls and by the time they had the morning came. Helen walked into the living room where Sara was sitting reading a book on fish.
"Whats 7x7? " Helen asked.
"Errrrr, 110,".
Helen looked at her sternly and asked her how she had forgotten so easily and who had eaten all the chocolate biscuits. Sara told Helen she didn't know and she started to get a bit suspicous. It was obvious that this Loobas soul didn't know there sevens and they loved choclate biscuits! Tonight the Loobases had a rest and they didn't swap bodys. In the next morning Helen, walked into the kitchen and to her suprise she found Sara scoffing all the choclate biscuits and trying to learn her seven times tables!
" It's a Loobas!" she shrieked.
Helen was so frightend she ran into the moonlight and was never seen again. So if you ever see a Loobas BEWAREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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