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The Legend Of Mollie Sandez

A myth submitted to the site by Lucy.W

WIRRAL, england

On a cold,stormy night in 1865 a young girl named Elizabeth Cambell was travelling home to her mother and father after visiting her friend Isabelle johnson. It was getting late and very dark so Elizabeth decided to call Isabelle seen as though she was 15 miles away from home. She asked Isabelle to come and meet her by the cemetary and Isabelle came extremly fast so she could meet her friend

When they met up Elizabeth thought it would be funny to knock down a couple of gravestones just for fun, but, Isabelle was not so sure.
"I dont know Liz it could be dangerous I mean you know the myth about Mollie Sandez dont you".
There was an eerie sIlence.
"Well no and you know people like that are twits its just stupid stories that people make up to scare us, so come on dont be a chicken."
"Don't you want to hear the story first just so you can hear it for yourself......"Ohhh fine then."

Isabelle and Elizabeth both ran under a tree and sat under a bench as it started to rain...badly!

"Well Mollie Sandez used to go to our school right and she got bullied badly because she was the prettiest girl in school and everyone was jealous. She had curly brown hair and Symmetrical freckles and she always wora a pink pearl necklace. One day the bullying got bad...REALLY bad. The three girls who were bullying her tied her to the school roof and left her there hanging. Later the girls snapped the rope to get her down and Mollie slapped and hit the girls to show them she was not going to be walked over and two of the girls were getting hurt extremly badly and the other girl hated the fact her friends were getting hurt and she shoved mollie off the roof 50 feet down to the ground.

She hadn't realised she had hurt her that bad so she left the roof and went back to class. When the girl came out of school there was a circle of people all round the floor and screams echoed round the playground. She found it hard not to belive its was something to do with Mollie so she shoved through the crowd to the centre of the group only to find the body of Mollie Sandez lying at the bottom of the school.

The girl gasped and looked away with fear. Mollies face was twisted and at an odd angle and blood was pouring out of her head. Her body was a dislocated in every bone and she looked nothing like her old self. That night the girl went home and did not sleep at all. In the night she heard a whispering and giggling echoing around the house so she got up and followed the voice. The next morning her mum came into her room to get her up. She did not get up so her mother pulled her cover off only to find she was not there.

Her mother rushed to school and asked the teacher where she was but the teacher did not know so the mother came outside again and saw her little girl dead, twisted and bloody and she screamed. Strangley the girl was said to have fallen off the roof and died in the exact spot that Mollie did. Its said that Mollie killed her and she kills anyone else who even knew about the girl pushing her and didn't do something about it was killed too, said isabelle

"He he as if thats a load of horse poo " said Liz" "You do know she was buried here in this cemetery"
" that gives me even more of a reason to knock it down." replied Liz.
"Ok then bye"

Liz walked into the cemetary and looked for the Mollie Sandez stone. She finally found the stone which read "Mollie Sandez 1454-1465"
"Ha this is for you Miss Mollie Sandez !!!!"

She kicked the stone down and ran out to Isabelle.
"See nothing happened ... ha you were wrong".
"Well i'm going home now so I can be safe with my mother and father. "Fine ..BYE!

Liz ran home straight away to her mother. "Hi mother i'm home". "Where have you been....BED NOW!!" "Awwwwww Mummy please...urghhh fine then!!!

liz went to bed straight away. When Liz woke up at 3:13am she heard eerie whispering around the house so she got up and searched around the house and she saw a bloody handprint trail that led out of the house door. Liz followed it. At 7:30 in the morning her mum shouted her for breakfast. She did not come so her mum went into her room and said "Look I know your angry with me but..."

She pulled the quilt off the bed and there was no-one there so she went downstairs and asked her husband, Carlos, if he knew where she was and he said no so the mother, Carmen, went to the school to see if she got up early and went on her own but there was no sigN of her. That was until she came to the front of the school and found Liz dead on the floor with her head twisted at an odd angle and her face was coverd in blood...she was dead.

Isabelle died three days later for letting her smash the grave. It is said Mollie Sandez still haunts anyone who doesnt belive this is, yes , BELIVE!

By Lucy.W
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Name: Lucy.w 8th October 2012
awww thank you soooo much for the nice comments For MY PERSONAL STORY!!!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!!!! :)
Name: Lucy 7th October 2012
I got inspired to read and write by my english teacher mrs bayley and im sorry bout sayin it were real when it weren't hahahah lol but im glad people liked my story when I PERSONALY MADE IT UP ARGHHHH!!!! i never thought i was good at writing!!!!!!!!!11
Name: Lina 25th September 2012
This is scary but really good is it actully real?llllllllloooooooollllllll
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