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A myth submitted to the site by Alexandra Baff


I had always thought wolves were beautiful. In a weird way! They ran around the woods, at the back of my house, at night. I would always get up and turn my light on and watch them out of my bedroom window! There was always a grey wolf, with black eyes. It always seemed to watch me. Then, after a few minutes it would ran off, with the rest of it's pack. I had always been warned by my parent's , not to go into the woods. People never came back. They say, " The wolves, beat them." But, the wolves always looked so peaceful, how could they kill?

So, one day, my Mum said to me, " Can you nip into the shop for some onions. I need them for the dinner, tonight." She handed me the money, and i made my way down to the shop. I brought the onions, and placed them in a plastic bag. But, then i passed the entrance to the woods. And, i just couldn't help it! I had to go in! But, as soon as i passed the old rusty brown gate, i knew i had made a mistake. The wind blew the gate shut, and when i tryed to budge it open it was stuck. The gate must have been about 50 years old, maybe even older.

I yelled for someone. Which was my 2nd mistake. Then, after they had heard my call , came a man. But, then as i looked closer, it was not a man. Men didn't have jet white hair, and skin the same colour. He grinned, and his eyes showed black, and empty. I screamed. And, he laughed. He grabbed me from behind. I had no - idea what he was. But, somehow i didn't think it was human! He pulled me deep into the woods. Where he dropped me on the ground, and my head hit the ground. " I've got you!" I didn't look up, i couldn't look at those eyes. That was when somewhere in the distance, a wolf howled. Well, that's just typical isn't it?!

By Alexandra Baff
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Latest comments:
Name: C.Wulf 31st May 2013
I loved this myth, even though their
was some misspellings it was great :)
Name: Alexandra Baff 9th November 2012
The man looked away and there infront of him was a wolf. The grey one, the wolf pounced at him and grabbed hold of him! I saw this as my chance to escape and got off the ground and ran while the man was distracted. He must've heard me though cause he ran towards me, the wolf jumped onto him and dragged m along the ground. While he still had a grip on me!
Then, i heard the break of a bone in his neck, now was my chance. While the wolf was biting and trying to break his neck i ran for the fence, the man was definatly dead now and i ran to the old brown gate. I started to climb it when the wolf walked over, i cursed and then the wolf jumped. He pulled the bottom of my shoes and then grabbed onto my bag that was hanging by my side. He dragged me off the fence, and then pulled me by my bag. I screamed and cried out and no one was around. I pulled away from the grey wolf and i started to run away. but, he didnt chase he just in a weird way started to cry. like dogs do when they whine. I felt sorry for it and stopped where i was, the wolf walked over. his head hanging, and then when i stroked his head, his stomach moaned. The wolf was halftarved to death. The next day after making up some excuse to mum why i was late, i went looking for the wolf. I had some tinned dog food, which i hoped would do. Then i began to wounder for the 1st time what was that man! and where was he now? when i saw his body lieing on the footpath next to the wolf. I fed the wolf, and that was when i knew as the wolf ate up, that there was something very wrong with this wood and the wolves.......
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