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A myth submitted to the site by Hakiesh

It all began when a King of a kingdom called Gragonia, lied to one of the Gods of Harik’tesh. He did this by not praying to the gods every week. This king was a great man but he lied, because he was possessed by a demon. And Plentas thought that he actually did that. And for that he was punished severely.

One of the gods Plentas thundered the sky. And brought down the most powerful beast from the ends of unniverse down to Gragonia, blocking the pathway leading out from Gragonia. The people were trapped.

Plentas’ brother Belaruge(God of Speed) was shocked of why his brother would do this to his kingdom. He raged, and pounded to his brother and asked him why he brought down beasts to our land. Plentas said The King lied to me and did not pray to us, and treated people like slaves.

Belaruge had heard a rumor that the king was being possessed by a demon. Belaruge said to his brother, “But he was being possessed!” Plentas sat down and sighed. Belaruge asked why he was like that, plentas told, "if he was being possessed, and I had punished his city with the most powerful beast!"
"But what is wrong brother?"
"I cannot take away this beast. Gragonia is finished."
"Then lets finish it."
"NO, this beast can only be defeated by a demigod."

Belaruge thought about it, and said…. "MY SON."

Belaruge’s wife, Sephena, God of Invincibility and Intelligence gave birth two a son that day, a boy, Hakura.

Young Hakura
Hakura at the age of five was wondering in the tropical gardens of fitseria with is mum (Sephena). When Hakura heard a roaring noise echoeing in the distance. Hakura was scared and asked his mother what it was. Sephena said it was the Exfera (a spitting venomous monster). And she also told her son, that one day he will defeat these beats, an bring Gragonia to peace again. But Hakura hadn’t known his powers yet, and he will soon find out.

As the years went by Hakura grew stronger, faster and more intelligent. And it was time for Hakura to face the beast.

Belaruge watched Hakura as he ventured deep into the forst to face the beast that had terrorized the villagers for innocence. Hakura thought, if he defeated this beast Gragonia would be free from this vengeful beast. Hakura hadn’t known yet that he had his powers, but he had one power, determination. Hakura could hear the echoeing, defeaning sound of the Exfera. This beast was physically impossible to kill. It’s venom was as toxic as six adders, has double the strength of six gorillas and as big as six double decker busses. But hakura was determined enough to take down this beast.

Hakura could hear the beast’s cry louder and louder everytime he moved closer. But then all of a sudden he heard a thundereing noise, a noise of huge foot steps. And then he heard a person screaming, then immediately a crunching noise. Hakura knew that innocent person was dead, swallowed by the Exfera.

Hakura was starting to get more frightened but still determined. Hakura kept moving forward. Until a huge monster leaped right over him. Hakura went to take out his sword, but it wasn’t there. Hakura had left it behind. Hakura was terrified. The Exfera turned around and stared at Hakura. Hakura didn’t move at all he was too stunned he couldn’t move. The Exfera spat venom out and kept moving closer to Hakura.

The Exfera lept at Hakura, and hit Hakura to the ground. Hakura had no chance. The Exfera had one more leap at Hakura, but Hakura dodged. How? Hakura knew that he had run so fast. He turned around and started running. Hakura had realized that he was blessed with speed. He sped away from the Exfera. But all of sudden the Exfera was standing in front of him. Hakura was shattered. Hakura was stunned. He could n’t do anything now, it was over.

The Exfera took one swipe, but then it stopped. The Exfera was looking around. Hakura was confused. But the answer was lying in his hands. When he looked at himself. He couldn’t see anything. He had the power of invincibility. So Hakura had a plan. He took a length of rope, and when around the Exfera’s feet. Untill he was strangled and couldn’t move. Hakura had done it. He was overjoyed with exctasy. He didn’t kill the beast but left it to die. When it is lying down it’s venom deteriorates the Exfera’s body. This was the story of Hakura.

By Hakiesh
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