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How Clouds Came Into Being

Village, My Brain

A long- long time ago the sky had no clouds. Now you can imagine that it would be weird, right? A sky with no clouds? Now I’ll tell you how clouds came into being.

Once upon a time there was a farmer just tending his fields and farming his crops and he thought “Aye, wouldn’t it be nice if there was something blocking the hot swelling sun and then it wouldn’t be so hot and tiring to work on my farm. So the spirit of the sky came and asked the farmer “Would you like me to grant you your wish”? So, the farmer was ecstatic and said excitedly” Yes, please, please get me something that can block the hot, hot sun.”
So the spirit told him to fetch the fleece of a sheep and soak it in water for 30 days. That`d be used to make something that can block the sun and it can also water crops.

So the farmer went into the town and bought the best sheep he could find and sheered the fleece off of it and soaked it into water for 30 days, then he brought it to the spirit and said “Here’s what you wanted, now what are you going to do?”. The spirit said” On the full moon of this month at midnight take the fleece and throw it into the sky, then, you will have what you are looking for”. So the farmer waited until the midnight of the full moon of that month and then threw the fleece into the air. Suddenly, the sky was filled with gray puffy shapes that dropped big droplets of water down to the earth and flashed zig-zagged shapes of electricity, also the sky kept rumbling.

The farmer was scared and asked the spirit what was happening. The spirit said, “This is called a thunderstorm, do not worry. In the morning tomorrow those gray puffy shapes will turn white and the sky will revert back to normal”. So the farmer stayed in his house and slept. In the morning when he got up he saw that indeed the gray puffy shapes had turned white and they helped him block the sun. He was really grateful to the sky spirit and asked what they were called. The spirit said” These are called clouds. They will always be my gift to you. When the sky is normal it will help block some of the sun and after some time it will collect evaporated rain and there will be thunderstorms to help water your crops. And that is how clouds came into being.

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