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How the dragon came about

A myth submitted to the site by Catherina Tang


Far into the past when the world was no older than your youngest brother, god had a terrible nightmare of this serpent like young lady. He had to admit that she although that she was a monster she was what one can call a beauty, with scaled skin the color of purple green blue and red. A face of an angel, and a body of a devil. So god decided he should make a model of her from clay.

“What a master piece” exclaimed god, when he finished the young lady, and then went for dinner because his wife had been calling him for the past hour or so. As god was eating his dinner, his one year old son –Jesus sneaked into his daddy’s workshop and found the model. “Wow~ so beautiful, I will make her my sister” and with those words, small Jesus bought the serpent girl to life.

God was furious at what Jesus did and punished his small son to have nothing to eat for a month. Of course, Jesus wept for his dinner and his lost new friend. Yet what happened to the young serpent girl was unknown. Some say she was sent down into our world, some say she went to the under land. But whatever the case, she grew up to be an every man’s dream!

From kings to bagger’s all wanted to take her hand in marriage, yet she only took interest in one man ,the man we all know as a dark hero-bat man! How they met was a most peculiar way, but then again not many can understand love. It was so said that they met in a phone shop, where our serpent lady was the buyer and bat man the seller. It was to say love at first sight when they met. And after a few dinner dates they decided to dedicate their lives to each other. And because neither of them had parents they didn’t need to go through what Romeo and Juliet went through.

It was not long after their marriage that god found out about their off springs! He went insane from jealousy and took away their off springs brain, and made them even more monster like.

Those kids still exist in this world of ours. They are what the emperor of china call parents. Yes , you’ve guessed it, they are known to us as dragons.

By Catherina Tang
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