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The Begining

A myth submitted to the site by Tennis Beast

Costal del Sol, Southern Spain

“Never will I meet you again!” said the girl. A stiletto shining with an incandescent pale, white light flies toward the boy like a bolt impetuously. The boy didn`t say a word, just stared at the cutting blade with a dull look. The stiletto seemed to cut through the tip of his nose, and impetuous his head. Suddenly, it stopped in front of the boys nose tip as if the stiletto was frozen by the boy’s breath. Abruptly, it broke into thousands and millions of pieces and fell on to the sand like a bunch of inanimate ants. A greenish curtain holding by the boy emerged soothingly; it was as gentle as an aurora borealis.

“Ignoramus!” said the boy. The incarnate of the girl instantly turned into a round of fog. “We will meet….Even if you’re not willing to…” said the boy softly. The incarnadine sky was dyed by the sunset. The boy raised his eyes, “The soil will soon become the same color” he thought.

A droll old man with blonde hair approached undetectably with a little girl .He was ancient like the green algae, the humpback was so exaggerated that it looked like a tortoise walking upwards. He seemed so undernourished and rawboned. However, his eye sight was as sharp as a hawk`s, as bright as two torches, as fathomless as the ocean. “Pity?” the old man’s sound echoed in the boy’s head. The boy shook his head slowly. Three of them were all standing on the sea shore, none of them spoke. It was so quiet that when the wind blew, the sounds of the rolling sands were as loud as thunder. “Come on, let’s go back for dinner, I’m hungry!” complained the little girl. The air and the space distorted slowly, and a dim path appeared, the little girl rushed into it rapidly, then, the rests followed.

Thousands of miles away, a man giggled with his scoundrel smile, “Interesting! Then, let us start it as soon as possible, you old skeleton!” His violet eyes, expressed his callous and barbarous thinking.

By Tennis Beast
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