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The Mystery

station, Australia

One early morning in the deep valley, there was some strange noises going on at about 5:30am and the noises grew louder and heavier. Suddenly they automatically stopped.! No body new what it was.

The manger grabbed his gun and looked out the window. About four minutes later, a loud noise went “ groahhhhhhh.” It was the misters monsters .”Who said that?” said the manger. After that noise nothing happened, until, they heard the river flowing hard, cliffs falling. “what is happening?” they all said at once. ‘I think it will be better if we stay inside?” said Fred.

The next morning, Brett, Jake and Fred got up. They looked around the 60000 ft mountain, with river flowing down, tumbling trees, and the last bit of the haunted chicken house. On the side of jakes eye he saw 2 big monsters fighting.! Brett quickly looked the monsters up on the I pad. One of them was BIG FOOT he was the most viscous animal alive, he was big, he had a deep voice and he was never happy. And the other one was boggy monster, he was the biggest softy alive, he had a high voice, and was always in a bad mood. He will never in the world be a viscous as big foot.!

As they are fighting Jake fires a shot at the animals to get there attention, and it definitely got there attention they were looking around trying to find out where it came from. And the animal found the boys. They went running down the hill tripped and they started tumbling twisting as they got the bottom they rolled into the river witch is kinder bad because it is giving them a boost, Because the river is running the way they are.

“they haven’t come back” they all said at once. “so we should just get on with our mustering” said Brett. “ Fred and Jake youse go and ill catch up” said Brett. So they went out finding cattle. But a couple minutes later 10 cattle broke the mob, Jake chased them and 5 minutes later Jake came back with all 10 cattle and said to Fred “I think that was a sign?” “ how could it be” said Fred “I just have a feeling” said Jake Fred mumbled. When they got up near the twin dam they seen the weird animal there was bulls ,cows, steers, and poddies going everywhere and it got there attention. The horses went wild as they pig rooted and hurt both of the riders. Then both of the animal came and stood over both humans then groaned as they were ripping up Jake and Fred.

It was about 4 hours later Brett , was wondering where could they be.? So he waited a bit longer. It was just on dark Brett got in the chopper and set out looking for them, just as he was going home he flew over the twin dam and on the corner of his eye he seen 2 big thing he turned and flew that way and there was Jake and Fred lying on the ground. He felt something roll down his face it was a tear he/Brett knew he had lost his young brother and his mate. He was so angry he shot both animal between the eyes, then he went to get Jake and Fred when he got home he called 000 they came out as fast as they could and took them back into town. As they took Jake Brett was crying as the took him out of his arms.

Brett flew in crying all the way. when he got to the hospital everyone was there waiting there was jakes mum, 2 sisters, brother, niece, and nephew. And Freds was bobby, Darcie, Clarry, Colline, brother and sister. They all asked “what happened?” Brett said that “it was to hard to explane!” then the doctor can out and said there is bad news and good news. For both of the hurt boys the both survived and bad new, is that they will have to be in here for a while.
When they came out of hospital there were fine. But they cant work for a while.
They will work on a property again and them ugly looking things will never come back again.

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