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The war between two villages

A myth submitted to the site by Gabrielle Upton

Palace Villge

The War between Two Villages
The trees are green and healthy. The crops are growing strong. The village is swarming with children and adults carrying out their daily chores. Some people just stand there and admire the enormous golden Palace that shades the village from the burning sun. Strong guards surround the Palace walls, dressed in their golden amour. Sometimes you may see Justin, the heir to the throne. His eyes are as bright as the sun, and his smile could make a miserable person so happy. Brown wavy hair covers his neck and head. He is the strongest man in the village, and he also looks very similar to his father, King Gorge.
“They will be coming soon, I can sense it,” King Gorge said softly to one of the kings’ men. “I can feel the horses hooves hit the ground, and can smell the sweat coming from the solders,” he continued. “We need to make and army before Lord Alcatraz and his army destroy this village,” one of the kings’ men suggested. “That might just be the answer to our problem,” replied King Gorge as he flicked his long brown hair out of his face.
“They’re coming!” shrieked one of the kings solders.
“Stand your ground men!” exclaimed King Gorge.

Lord Alcatraz and his men came rushing through the village before the kings army could be assembled. They all rode big black steeds, which were covered in silver armoury to protect them. They knocked things over and broke things. They ran over everything in their path. Mothers with children hid safely in the cottages. Some of the brave men put up a fight, but it wasn’t good enough. Lord Alcatraz and his men left with stolen valuables and the Kings pride. After this King Gorge decided it was time to take action.

The next morning Justin and his father discussed a plan. Justin and a few of the kings’ strongest and bravest men would secretly attack the Evil Village. They would destroy some of the village then come quickly back to the Palace. They would have to be as quiet as a Mouse and as sly as a Fox to be unseen.

That afternoon Justin and his men left the village. They passed the Silent Lake and the Whispering Oak trees. Then they followed the path that led to the evil village. Black fences surrounded the village. Dead trees and flowers were left outside to rot. The sun shone brightly over the village. Sometimes you would see solders and guards sneaking around the village. Their silver amour would reflect the sun. This was a death trap for anyone who was not welcome.

When they entered the village, they stole things and they smashed things. Then they were just heading out the gates of the village when disaster struck. A line of armed guards appeared out of nowhere. They shot all of the men except Justin. Then two guards grabbed Justin by the arms, and led him into the jail. They threw him in the jail cell and he landed with a thump. He was left there to starve and die.

That night Justin woke up suddenly. He heard someone’s footsteps. Then a girl about the same age as Justin appeared. She had straight black hair that went half way down her back. Her eyes were blue and pretty. She was wearing a ragged dress with no shoes. As she walked towards Justin she started to smile. Justin asked her name, but she did not answer. Then she pulled out an old rusted key and unlocked Justin’s cell. Justin couldn’t believe his eyes.
“My name is Alisha, I am the trusted servant of Lord Alcatraz,” She whispered. “Then why are you helping me?” questioned Justin. “I want to put an end to this war,” she replied. “Quickly we must go now,” she said as she hurried Justin along. Justin and Alisha tore through the village, and hid in a dark, gloomy cave close by. Then Alisha told Justin her devious plan. “I have assembled an army of men and women. They will distract the guards while we go to the door,” she told him.
“What door?” he asked. “The door to Lord Alcatrazs’ secret garden,” she answered.

The next morning Alisha and Justin woke up in the light of a new day. They knew what they had to do. They ran towards the village and signalled the secret army. Then, as if by magic, tons of men and women appeared from their hiding places. They attacked the village like a stomped of Elephants. Justin and Alisha grabbed a sword from the dusty ground and ran towards the secret door. They both knew that at this time, Lord Alcatraz would be taking his morning walk in the secret garden. They burst through the door at top speed at Alcatraz. Then he pulled out a sword and started to fight against them. He was a skilled fighter, but not good enough to defeat Justin and Alisha. When Lord Alcatraz was distracted by Alisha, Justin held his sword and stabbed it right through Lord Alcatrazs’ heart. He shrieked in agony and fell to the ground. Then he slowly faded away.

The next day Justin and Alisha acknowledged everyone who had helped them. Justin invited Alisha to come and visit his village, so they both left in high spirits for the journey back. They went back down past the Oak trees and the Silent Lake. Then they finally arrived safely back at the Golden Palace. King Gorge welcomed Alisha into the village and invited her to live in the Palace with him and his son.
A few years later Justin proposed to Alisha. They had a wonderful wedding ceremony in the Palace garden. There were red rose petals spread all over the ground. The guests were seated in white chairs and were given rose petals to throw on the bride and groom. The wedding arch was covered with lovely smelling roses and brightly coloured flowers. Then Alisha appeared wearing a long white dress.

By Gabrielle Upton
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