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The Exciting Family Trip

A myth submitted to the site by Emily Radnedge

LA (Las Angeles ), USA

Then, as if by magic King Hercules appeared, he was wearing a gold cape with a black and white tucks. He was also wearing brown shoes and a big silver crown. Hercules is a brave, strong, bold, powerful, intelligent and despiteful man, who would give everything a go no matter how big or small.

It was 9 o’clock in the morning and Hercules demanded that he would like to see his daughter immediately. As his daughter Princess Vanessa was walking down the stairs she complained, “Why do we have to go to the haunted house today.” Hercules advised, “It is family bonding day and the haunted house is like roses on a candle stick.” “But why,” yelled Princess Vanessa. “You are coming no matter what,” yelled Hercules. “No matter how hard you try, you are never taking me to the haunted house,” muttered Princess Vanessa. “Do you want to make a bet,” screamed her father. “Ok you win!” exclaimed Vanessa.
After the argument the Royal King and Princess went to McDonald’s for lunch, where the King ordered seven big family packs. The Princess ordered one family pack with two large boxes of French fries.

After they finished lunch they headed to the haunted house. When they got to the haunted house they read a sign that said, keep your hands and feet close to you at all times, because you will feel like you are up with the clouds. The King and the Princess started walking closer and closer to the big scary roller coaster. Once they got inside a girl popped out and yelled “BOO.” The girl was wearing a black shirt, big baggy black pants with pink shoes. She had a rude and vicious personality. The King and the Princess ran off but the girl grabbed the princess by the legs and tripped her. The princess was trapped, the King jumped into his car and drove off because, and he thought the Princess was already in the car with him.
As the girl was kidnapping the Princess she announced “My name is Aries.” As Aries was driving she mentioned that she was taking Vanessa to a building in the city. So Vanessa rang her father to tell him where she was going. Her father screamed, “Where are you?” “I’m going to a large building, in the city,” whispered Vanessa. “I will be there as soon as I can,” yelled Hercules.
As Hercules was driving to the city, he was getting stressed from thinking about his daughter. As Vanessa and Aries were arriving at the building, Vanessa was screaming and crying because, she didn’t know what Aries was doing to her. When the two girls reached the building Hercules came behind Aries, with three police men behind him and got them to take her away to jail. After Aries was put in jail Hercules took Vanessa to the shopping centre. Where he brought her heaps of clothes, shoes, handbags and lots more. While they were shopping the King met a lady named Franjessica, Franjessica is a beautiful blonde haired lady with big blue eyes and a green tongue.

Now Vanessa is to afraid to go on family bonding trips, because of what happened on the last one. Hercules is still King but, is thinking about handing down the thrown. Which means Vanessa will become Queen and will need to find herself a husband to become King. In the end the King got married to Franjessica, after the wedding they moved to Sydney, where they lived a happy life together. Vanessa found herself a lovely king. They got married and had three little princesses.


By Emily Radnedge
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