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The Origin of the Sea

A myth submitted to the site by DJ

Long time ago, there used to be no sea in the surface of the earth, only ponds and big lake are seen yet. The world looks dry, but people get enough supplies they need for their family to feed. They dance, sing and pray to the gods above to thank them for what they have and what was given to them.

There was a young girl who grew up as beautiful as flower and gentle like a bird, her name was Omorfi. And when the leader of the people saw her, he was struck by her beauty. He for her hand in marriage but Omorfi needed time, because she was not ready yet. Because of her beauty, the leader agreed but gave her five months to prepare. She begged for more time, but the leader was not listening for he was drowned by her beauty and could not wait to make her his. The leader knew she would try to escape and so he called in the guards and told them to look closely at her and if she ever tries to run away bring her to him.

Omorfi struggled for five months, but before these five months she was already in love with her childhood friend. He was only but a farmer at that time, but they were deeply in love with one another. The two grew up together and have known each other for a long time, and planned to get married and bare a child. But when the leader was in love by her beauty, their dream to be together was ruined.

The leader knew about the relation between them and so sent the young farmer to join the war. He made an arrangement and put the farmer in front of the army to charge, but he did not live. When the news was brought to Omorfi, she was in great pain and loneliness. The leader used this opportunity to comfort her and make her his. The leader asked her hand in marriage again, and this time she agreed. They Got married and bared children.

As time pass, people don’t stay young forever, and so does Omorfi. When she grew older and starts to grow wrinkles and white hair, the leader starts to find for a new wife and always beat her and tortured her. She grew sad and did not live a happy life with the leader. But that time she was carrying a baby. The world grew drier as people forgot to work and harvest and only knew having fun, they also forgot to praise the gods from above. The gods were not pleased of this and so they started a famine to teach the people. When the village was at chaos, Omordi used this chance to run away with the child she is baring.

After the run away, one of the god saw her and pitied and so came down and told her, the child you bare will be a hero, but in time will that come. The earth will not be as dry as now but will be as colorful as a butterfly. But he will the sorrows that you’ve been through every day in his life. Terrified by this, Omorfi and her baby ran to the top of the mountain and lived in a cave where for them is safe.

Many years past and Omoridi’s son grew up, but he grew up as sad and weak like a lifeless flower, for he always see the misery of his mother. One day he and his mother was climbing the mountain back to their cave, but the road was too stiff and Omorfi was already weak. She carelessly slipped her foot from one of the rocks they were walking on and fell down. Everything was so sudden and Omorfi’s son did not have the chance to save her. He cried and cried inside the cave and always thought about his mother. His none stop cry made a fountain on the mountain and made rivers that also made the sea we see today. Because of the water, the many years famine stopped and saved the many lives of the people in the village.

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