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Rosetail and Stormfur Ch.2 (part 2)

A myth submitted to the site by BritneyXD

The lake. (home of the four Clans), Unknown

Rosetail yowled in pain. "Mosspelt! Help me!" She screeched. Mosspelt's eyes were wide with alarm. "Dawnflower went back to camp to fetch help. You're going to be fine, Rosetail." Rosetail felt a flash of gratitude toward her friend. How is she staying so calm? She wondered. "Rosetail!" Out of the corner of her eye she saw Reedwhisker appear out of the undergrowth. "Reedwhisker! Help me, please. I can't get out of here!" Rosetail hissed. The she-cat dug her front claws into the sticky mud. She tugged her hind leg but let out a cry of pain.
"Stop fidgeting, will you?" Rosetail recognized the voice of Blackclaw. Mistyfoot flashed him a quick glare. The tom immediately silenced when he saw the seriousness in the deputy's eyes. Rosetail felt something pulling at her paw. She winced but stayed silent. Mosspelt came to face Rosetail. Her friend settled down next to her and started to groom Rosetail's ears. Despite her pain and fear for her life she managed to purr.

Suddenly, her friend disappeared and everything was dark. When she opened her eyes she saw Mudfur, the previous RiverClan Medicine cat, standing in front of her. "Rosetail." He greeted her.
"Mudfur? Am I... Am I dead?" Rosetail couldn't hide the alarm that flared in her eyes and shook her voice.
"Not yet." He replied. "Rosetail," he continued, "I have a message for you. I need you to..." Here it comes again, she thought, I'll never remember his message! "Tell Leopardstar that great danger is coming to the ThunderClan camp. She has to warn Firestar right away!" He meowed urgently. Rosetail felt hot with confusion. "The ThunderClan camp? Why are you telling me this?" This was ThunderClan's business. "You have to help them."
"Why? When?" Rosetail felt overwhelmed with questions. "You'll know." Mudfur meowed despairingly as he started to fade into the darkness.

Rosetail blinked open her eyes. She was lying in a warm, mossy nest just inside the entrance to Mothwing's den. The medicine cat was chewing a poultice and wrapping it in a leaf. Somehow, she must have realized Rosetail was awake because she turned her head and greeted her with a sympathetic blink. "Good, you're awake." She meowed quietly. Rosetail noticed that it was completely dark. The rest of the camp must be asleep, she thought.
Rosetail went over what had happened in her head. "You're going to be alright." Mothwing interrupted her thoughts.

"Thank StarClan." The new voice startled her. Reedwhisker padded into the medicine den. "It's because of you and your patrol that I'm still alive," Rosetail mewed, grateful that Reedwhisker, Leopardstar, and Blackclaw came just in time to save her life. "Yes, well, I have poppy seeds for the pain if your leg begins to hurt," Mothwing meowed. My leg! Rosetail looked back at her hind leg. Her paw was thoroughly wrapped in cobwebs. She dared to look just above the sticky red webs plastered to her paw. Rosetail's leg was twisted and deformed. "Oh! Oh, no! I'll never be able to fight in battle or be a mentor or hunt and patrol the territory again! My leg! Oh, me leg!" Rosetail wailed. Reedwhisker quickly padded over to her.
"Shh. Rosetail, your leg is going to recover." He looked hopefully up at Mothwing. Rosetail could see the look the medicine gave him. It was pity!
"I knew it! Mothwing, how will my leg ever recover?" Mothwing sighed. "We'll hope for the best." She mewed, clearly trying not to upset her anymore. That's no answer! Rosetail wailed in her head. Reedwhisker clearly saw the angry, deeply sad look in her eyes and slowly walked over to Rosetail. He started to groom her ears as he lay next to her. Despite everything that had happened, Rosetail was feeling something she thought she would never feel again. Happiness.

By BritneyXD
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