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One Eyed Dragon, the Beast and Tom.

village,cave, forest., England.

This is a story about a one eyed dragon, the beast and Tom They all met together in the same place all at the same time. The one eyed dragon was friends with the beast who nobody knew. Tom was just a boy just a normal human being.

One summers day a women gave birth to a baby boy and she called him Tom. A few years time he was 16 and he loved to go on adventures. One day he did. His mother called out and said "Tom can you go to the wood cutters and get some tools"."Yes"."OH and on the way back get some wood in the forest"."But nobody goes in there because do you remember the crazy man John he said if they go in there nobody never comes back out"."Just go""OK sure mum I'll just scare my self then"."Bye".

He was on his way to the wood cutters."Hy Tom""Hy". After that he was on his way to the forest. Then he found a cave to keep his tools in. So he did he was cutting some wood, all of a sudden he heard a big, massive chomping sound he shouted "whos there I have got weapens" "EVERYBODY SAYS THAT TO ME".He was very loud.

He ran back to get a tool,ran back again. Then he looked behind him and the beast and the dragon was there "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"."Your scared"
"Why wouldent I be you are beasts"
"Actuly Im the beast and this is the dragon".
"So it doesent make a diffrence" He said.

Then the fight began. The dragon was breathing fire every where but he missed Tom. The beast was trying to scratch him with his massive claws and trust me they were big. But then all of a sudden Tom hit the beast. The beast died so there was only the dragon left. Before the dragon managed to get away Tom got the dragon and he died.

So Tom ran back home and told his mum all about it with some tea and a cake. Then he had a pleasnt surprize his father came back from the war."Dad".He gave him a great big hug. Then told him.

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