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The Bloody Pumpkin

A myth submitted to the site by Ryan

Unknown, sri lanka

I was creepy night, Me and three of my friends having a walk for fun.
Then we saw a tree which is full of olives.
And we wanted to take some home and enjoy the rest of our night.
We was going to have a party in my house.
But then we saw a person, with a pumpkin on his head walking. My friend said "awww, old times, just like in movies ghost walking around with pumpkins on thier head,now its just boring"
But I wondered if this was a joke to scare other or was it real, I was incredibly enshrined.
Believe me or not this is not a joke, I have seen this creepy thing walking.
So back to what happen.
Then after few mintunes this man or monster started following us a little.
we was so scared and started walking faster and faster.
When we looked back person or monster was gone.
Its like every time we look at it and again look is just vanishes away in seconds.
OK,then we knew it was some kind non human demon a creature.
The other time we looked it was in front of us and again Disappeared into the woods.
So this is very real. I am not joking.
Thurst me myths are true,there are myths in the world,they can attack us any time they want so be careful. Anyway me and my friends ran away to my house and there we were safe.But the most creepiest thing that happened was me and my friends got the same dream.The dream said "I am coming".

The End,
This is Real
By Ryan
Year 7

By Ryan
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Name: Arsh 24th July 2015
Nice story
Name: Sophie 26th March 2013
good myth could make it a bit longer ( that story is a lie because if a pumpkin was it\'s head how would he breath without a nose or a mouth
Name: Connor 1st February 2013
it is not even true alls some one else would have put it on
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