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The Purple Star

A myth submitted to the site by Molly2

luton,bedfordshire lu31ta, England

Many years ago in Luton, Bedfordshire two boys was messing about with ther dog, Scruff when they wished apon a star. They belived in wizards and magic toads.

One of the boys had a girlfriend and she hated wizards, magic toads and fairies. She as a tomboy she loved football and rugby.

The next night the boys wishes apon a star that one day the will meat a magic wizard. So later that night they saw a magical purple star; magically a wizard appeared from there wizard posters. They screamed with there mouth closed in excitment. There wish had came true!

They went to find the girlfriend,Victoria. The purple star was a wish come true. This is real and it happend outside your house. The wizard gave a waring that he could only appear once with a person. And not to wish on star again, Any way they could not find Victoria. Then the Wizard said dont tell Victoria or a nasty suprise will appear.

With out the boys listerning they found Victoria. Then they told her what they saw and a Terrible storm appeared from completly nowhere. Only the wizard can fix this but he was gone. They wished apon a star but it just got worst. Then tehy heard croaking. It was a magic toad!

The toad said three words and the wizard appeared. He shouted with anger "I told you not to tell Victoria or wish apon a star." With one word the storm went away and the wizard gave the boys a magic wizard wand each and said "good bye" .Do belive this because it was witnessed by the people outside your house!

By Molly2
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