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Emalisa and the neckless

A myth submitted to the site by Ridita

London, Englaind

Many many years ago when gods and a goddess lived. There was a young beautiful girl named Emalisa she had long brown hair and bright blue eyes that sparkled. She wore a pink dress. Emalisa lived in a beautiful house with ten rooms that was full of jewls that shined. The house belonged to her becous her mum and dad died. She had so many pretty jewels but her favourt was her hart ruby necklace she found it in the street.

On the other side of town there was a girl named mudosa she wore a black clock and had short red hair with black eyes. She lived in a old dusty home. She had no rich stuff at all. Her mum was at work and her dad was begging on the streets.

One sunny morning when Emalisa went shopping she left her door open by accident. Madosa crept into Emalasa's gigantic house went into the first room, slowly opened the door and saw a hart ruby necklace and quckly took it and ran home she put it on her neck. A few minits later it got stuck on her neck. Zews saw her and flew down from the clear blue sky and zoomed in to her house.

HE told her if you want to take that necklace off you need to go of to the river of help take the long way not the short way if you do take the short way you will have many problems. Madosa did not listen to Zews and took the short way. On the way she got stuck on a long rute and needed someones help to gat out. Zews told Emalisa abot her neclkace Emalisa took the long way and got some water in a basket. Then she took the short way and found Madosa and from the basket she gave Madosa some water.The necklace came of and Emalisa took it but did not help Madosa. Zews did not mind because he knew she would take something again.

By Ridita
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