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Who Is It Really?

wallsall, england

One Christmas Eve two children came home from school unusually there was no sound, no noise and most of all NO ONE...

The two children slowly went into the kitchen and looked to there surprise found no one there not even MOM!
"what shall we do we must try and find them... calm down what are you doing James mm mm...?"
"nothing em em just looking under the em cat."
"i mean table no tree yes i mean tree"
"OK look i found this note"

Dear kids
something terrible has happened nanny has been took by this Santa looking blacksmith I have left something to gobble in the fridge come to the cottage in the village where nanny lives and DON`T take the shortcut.
mom ***
"Come and eat Jessica and then let`s go," said James but no reply came for she had already left so James grabbed the content of the fridge and shoved it in his bag as he hurried along after her.(this was a hard task because he was slightly fat... no large)

Tired they both came halfway and sat down to eat.
"shall we take the shortcut it s only this way down to the WOODS"
Foolishly they agreed and made there way down the path...
suddenly in a flicker of lightning they were took by a red coated man with a long white beard riding on a slay... THE BLACK SMITH !

As soon as the mother found out she screamed the loudest scream the world has ever heard.

It is said that people still hear the scream of the mother every Christmas eve . People also awaight for the revenge of the mother...

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