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The Legend of the Stone

A myth submitted to the site by Alex Hutton

Eggbert, Bangkok

Some say that the time stones run our city's they say its our power our strength our life no one would dare to steal it - UNTIL NOW !!!!

One day in the town of Eggbert three foolish children were playing football. One of the children kicked the ball so hard it flew out of the garden into are the house right next to ours. Ever since we were babies we never got near that house it it it well we don't now why it scares us but something in side me tells me to stay a way
far away .....

Next day my two friends were standing by the door step of the frightening house when I got close my friends they tried to make me go in a retrieve are football at first I said no but then my friends started teasing me by saying I am a big baby "what makes you think that"I said. Well are you going in my friends asked with an uneasy look YES I shouted as they jumped back surprised I will go in and get the ball and prove I am not a big baby.

As I went into the spooky house I felt a chill rising down my spine that showed a sign of horror. But I still went on until I could not see any light. I took the glow stick I always keep in my bag and went on.

The walk took a very short time until I saw the ball gleaming in the glow stick light as I got closer to the ball I felt an evil presence watching me. Then with an un expected cry I shot dow a long hole a landed with a THUD. OW I screamed with a tear slipping down my neck, now's not the time to be a moron I whispered, be a man.

I stood up and took a look around I suddenly saw something shining in the distance I got closer and closer to the strange light It was beautiful I closed my eyes and swooped it into my pocket and ran to the exit. The exit was closer than I thought.

I ran to my friends look what I found amazing, wow your turning red stop kidding I am not kidding I ran to the closest mirror and saw that I was red my skin my hair I ran away far away until I was hidden and no one has has seen me since.

By Alex Hutton
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