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Mary Mary Mary

World, Everywhere

Say her name 3 times and in a split second the uninvited being is there. Mary is what she goes by. Bloody Mary. People have said to have tried this but to tell the story of the event would be impossible as they would never been seen again to tell it.

The group chatting in the background just carried on. I was trying my best to get my assignment done. Was due within about 2 hours but it the chatter boxes were not thoughtful. It was ironic may I say of them to speak loud as we was in a library. Weird.

I simply could not carry on with my work the stupid conversation of some Mary woman was just over taking. All I could hear was say her name 3 times and she appears blah blah blah. Bogus I say. 16 years old's still believing in hocus pocus stories. It's rather funny to my mind.

Then I heard them mention Johnny. The boy that went missing in our town 2 months ago. Jenny one of the chatters mentioned that he told her he was to do the saying in the mirror and the day after is when he was said to be missing. That did actually make me think. Then Mrs Kelly the library teacher approached ' Susan the bell's to ring soon i think you should pack up and get to class' she said with pleasant smile.

As the day passed I just thought of this Mary thing. It was really playing on my mind to the extent of me deciding im going to actually do it. I like to discover and getting information on this would be brilliant. I will record it on my video camera.

The slow day of school passed. I quickly arrived home and peeped out 'Hi Mom and Dad' to the parents before heading into to my room. I got my camera and went into my bathroom. Made sure i locked the door so my little sister Jayne did not disturb me whist doing this. Camera on and i was ready to start rolling. I truthfully did have that stomach feeling of what im about to see or not. A quick gasp in the mirror and then i face to face myself in mirror. 'Bloody Mary' I paused shortly then second called her 'Bloody Mary'. This was it the final saying will i see her will i meet this devilish so called woman. Time to see. 'Bloody Mary'. I had said. That was it, no going back. I closed my eyes expecting for something to happen but 15 seconds past and no, nothing but the sound of camera rolling was to be heard.

Well that was a waste. I stupidly knocked my toothbrush on the floor so bent down to pick it up. I was about to rise but was stopped. I was at peak staring at two disgusting rotten muddy feet. The lights flickered. I quickly stood straight. There in my distance was her. Mary. The dead eyes and hungry shark mouth just annayzled me up and down. The lights suddenly blew but her ghostly evil eyes were not to be missed in the dark. Like the Cheshire cats eyes out of Alice and Wonderland they swiftly moved towards me. My scream was the only noise to be heard in the house.

Susan's parents quickly ran to the bathroom. Her dad barged his way through the locked door. He opened it to find no one but a continuing rolling camera there. The house was searched and she was not to be found. Susan had vanished.
It soon spread the town of her dissapearence and was marked up on the Bloody Mary situation which shivered through the town.

Not thinking about finding the camera in the bathroom it was never checked until 20 years later.
Jayne, Susan's little sister, had moved into her own apartment and came across some child memories and the camera with the tape was in. She plugged it into the TV to expect a a good family video. She thought wrong. She had actually just witnessed her sisters vanishing. Being a Training supernatural expert she had just found her next case to solve...........

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