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Gwen saves the day!!!

A myth submitted to the site by HAR HAR Very Funny!!!!!

Camelot, England

One day Gwen was taking a peaceful walk in the woods. She was perfectly happy about to have her picnic but then Morgana appeared!! She knew perfectly well who she was and ran ran back to the castle of King Arthur as fast as she could but found this den!

She grew curiouser of the seconds ticking on her watch! She just could not help wanting to go in side or she might burst so she had a look inside. Without realising it was Morgana's den,she looked all around and on a piece of paper on the wall said" Kill Arthur!!! "OH MY GOODNESS!!!" said Gwen and rode back to Camelot!

When Gwen got to Camelot, She told Arthur straight away but he said " That's not real,it's just to get you worked up" But the next day,it seemed as he was wrong!!!

So where were we up to? Oh yes! we were up to the bit where Arthur said Gwen that the sentence"Kill Arthur" was just trying to get her worked up! It was wasn't it? Yes I am right!! Anyway,lets get on with the story!!!!

It was the next day and Arthur was looking out of his window and he saw fighting going on! He wondered who it was and it was Morgana!!!! He knew who she was and fought for his on good but he got killed.

BUT,Gwen fought against Morgana and killed her!!!! People spread the news good and bad. Gwen found out she was a witch.A good witch thought so she looked in wizard books to find a spell to make him better so she said the words MAKE ARTHUR FEEL BETTER, LOONY A MOODY A YEAH!!!! And Arthur felt better again even though he did not know what just happened he lived happily and so did everyone else in Camelot.

By HAR HAR Very Funny!!!!!
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