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Mary Mary Mary 2

A myth submitted to the site by Lisa Brillion

World, Everywhere

My sister had vanished 20 years ago. Susan was always into discovering but this discovery had a point to it. You discover but then you’re taken from the world. Where you go is no fact but that’s what I want to reveal. My name is Jayne and I am a Trainee Supernatural Expert. To show true potential to my job I decide to go ahead and take this up as my main case that could get me noticed. I have assigned 3 people to join me on this case. Hunwin our camera man. Lilly the journalist and my close friend Jack that is also a trainee supernatural expert. We have checked the tape other and other again to see how this happened. Every frame of it was visualized. We saw the thing also known as ‘Mary’ touch my sister and then sudden vanish. Is she alive?

We came to an abandoned house in New Jersey. Jack set up mirrors all around the room. This must be a door way for her ‘Mary’ to open. Daylight turned to night fall and it reached dead time. The best time to communicate with the unknown. ‘Hunwin start the camera’ I said. It was time to start the case. ‘You all ready for this’ I asked the group. I scanned the room to get there head nods of approval. All were ready. I walked to the mirror against the fireplace. Looked into it and called her name. ‘Mary Mary Mary’. I just went for it no hesitation.

Nothing seemed to be happening. Lilly huffed ‘I’m not trying to say your sister is lying or done this to spark a big thing but this just now seems like a hoax. The thing appeared within a minute on the tape. It’s been 5 now were is she. You know what Jayne you have……. Before she could finish the sentence Lilly was suddenly dragged into the kitchen which was pitch-black. She was here. Lilly’s screaming echoed the hollow house. Hunwin and Jack quickly ran in to her rescue. Jack shone is torch around the kitchen but she was not to be seen. I was just stood on my own in the living room wanting to see the thing that took my sister. I looked upon how it was said to defeat Mary. It was said to hold her with rope around yourself so she can’t vanish while all the mirrors were smashed. A cold breeze swiped my shoulders followed with the smell of evil. I turned around to find her face to face with me. I looked into her eyes and could see it was death all inside.

It was time to get revenge on the disappearance of my sister. Before she could do what she was going to me I quickly grabbed her and called for Hunwin and Jack. ‘Guys quickly come and smash the mirrors’. Instantly I was grabbing with life holding her while she whooshed around trying to take me wherever she takes you. The guys quickly came in to see the most remarkable thing they had witnessed. ‘Quickly’ I shouted. It was getting to much she was strong. One after the one the mirrors were smashed. Then the worst happened. The rope snapped and one mirror was left. She had me attached to her palms too heading to that mirror. Jack quickly ran into the mirrors direction as Mary headed for it too. He knew he wouldn't make it in time within the speed she was at she , so he quickly snapped is cross from his neck and chucked it towards the mirror. I could see the mirror forming into some swirling doorway. I thought the worst. I just wanted justice on my sisters disappearance but it seems im the next victim. I did not want to see this so closed my eyes. It was like my life was flashing in my mind.

I thought wrong. Jacks cross actually reached the mirror within quarter of a second of Mary reaching it. The mirror smashed and crumbled. I fell to the floor. Mary screeched the place down as she looked to being ripped open from inside. I had done it. She blasted into fire and blitzed in the air. I had defeated Mary. The feeling of being alive and almost being taken from the world was amazing. Then my name was called. ‘You did Jayne’. I looked up from the floor to see my sister. I cried my eyes out. But the thing is she was a ghost. I wanted to hug her so much. ‘Oh my god Susan I miss you so much, I just want you to be happy and here with me’. The ghost of Susan chuckled and smiled. ‘Jayne I’m fine now. You have just saved so many souls that can now be free and the good thing is im always going to be here with you so don’t have no doubt in that, I have got to go now but you’ll be having me around soon, you will know when I’m here’. Susan was then gone. She did unfortunately did die from Mary but now she was a free spirit and that made Jayne even happier knowing she had helped her sister be happy again. Tears of great achievement streamed from Jayne’s eyes. Hunwin and Jack hugged her to make her feel ok. Poor Lilly did not make it though she was ok now a free spirit.

The media was contacted by Jayne and the group and they showed them what they had caught on tape. People did not turn their nose up at it. They believed it. Lilly’s parents where thanked for Lilly’s effort into doing this case which sadly cost her life. The case was book published and made into documentaries and a big movie blockbuster. Jayne and the group made their own TV show investigating the unknown. People could sleep easily knowing the monsters were being dealt with. Big case that Jayne as yet to uncover is the red eye evil lurking under the beds…

By Lisa Brillion
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Name: JakeyUI 17th October 2012
Cant wait for 3rd one. Thers always a third one even though this ended happily. Evil never dies.
Name: Amy354 17th October 2012
This is a good ending to the second one. Glad she saw her sister again. Please carry the saga on. PLEASE!!!!!! :)
Name: Kelly 17th October 2012
Wow great second part.
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