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The Dragon King

A myth submitted to the site by Barking Mad

country, somewhere secret

One day, a little boy called Tommy wanted to go out hunting with his father. When he asked his father if he could go, his father said, "No". Tommy thought this was unfair because he was twelve years old and his friend was allowed to go - even though he was only eleven. When his father had collected his bow and arrows and thrown his big sack over his back, Tommy crawled into the sack and waited for his father to leave.

Later that morning, when Tommy's father had sat down in the forest and fallen asleep, Tommy decided to explore. He carefully crawled out onto the forest floor and stood up. He could hear a strange noise so he walked off into the trees with his Dad's bow and arrows. Then his eyes fell upon a green silvery creature lying injured on the ground next to a couple of men who appeared to be dead. Suddenly, he heard a crash and a mighty dragon came storming through the undergrowth. Tommy looked up and saw the dragon's head which had a big golden crown on top. Tommy loved dragons and had read a great deal about them. One legend had told him that somewhere in the forest there was a King Dragon who ruled over many more dragons. Tommy sensed that it had come to avenge the injury done unto one of its own kind.

Even though the King Dragon looked kind, every book about it said that it was horrible and mean and should be killed on first sight. Tommy knew he had to kill it, so he fired its heart with a single arrow. The mighty dragon lay dead on the dusty ground, and Tommy started to cry. He felt so agitated about killing the handsome dragon he walked back to his father and climbed back into the sack. That evening, when Tommy arrived home, his mother was waiting by the door. When his father and mother found out where he had been they punished him and sent him to his room.

This story was spread around the country and soon everyone knew that Tommy was a true hero who should be praised for all of his life. His fame lasted until he died, and at his funeral (seventy-four years later), people still remembered the wonderful day when he killed the beast.

By Barking Mad
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