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A myth submitted to the site by Chloe

London, England

At land Olympus, Zeus was upset due to the weather... it never changed!! So what he did is he made some more Gods, but they had meanings/jobs to do. He made four... Thunder Bolt, Sunshine, Water Tear and Flakness. Each day that passed had different weather until...

One day one of the Gods turned against Zeus and the other Gods. Thunder Bolt, brought danger around the city/land and danger to the people. He hid in the shadows and darkness.

He crept around like a ghost destroying what ever he touched. After a couple of days Zeus found out out and tried his hardest to stop him!! but he became to powerful to stop by one person. As the days got on he was thinking... thinking about how he can defeat Thunder Bolt. Finally he he figured out how he can stop him and take away his power. He talked and discussed with the other Gods to ask for their help. They planed and discussed for a few days.

Once they finished there plan they put it to action... they put all there powers together and tried to defeat him. They tried and tried until they could no longer. Zeus thought for another couple of days until he had an amazing idea!! he thought that is he made another God he might be able to defeat Thunder Bolt. Another day passed he made the new God, Wind Master. They tried again but this time they did not fail they defeated him and Zeus took his power away and put him in the land instead.

Zeus cleared up the land and healed and helped the people who got hurt by Thunder Bolt. Once he sorted everything out he looked down at the people in the land and with a smile on face with the sun shining upon his face.

By Chloe
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