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The Awesome Friends and the Curse (A love story)

Once upon a time (as all good stories start) there was two friends. The friends names was Rose and Thorn. They did everything together. (And I mean everything.) Rose was beautiful and delicate just like her name. She had brown slightly wavy hair. Rose was pretty tough when she wanted to be tough. Thorn had short black hair. She was so tough that she could best any boy in a fight. (I thought that I should mention that they are twins even though they look nothing alike.)

One day they were walking along in the huge forest that was by their house. This forest was HUGE!! Unless you know how to find your way through this forest then you would get hopelessly lost. Rose and Thorn knew how to get through part of the forest. Today, however, they decided to go exploring in a part of the forest they had never gone in.

They soon got lost. (We knew this was going to happen, right?) If by magic, they spotted a small house. They knocked on the door and a boy opened the door. He looked about the same age as Rose and Thorn. ( I just thought to mention that Rose and Thorn are 18 years old.) This boy was tall and had brown hair and piercing blue eyes. The boy said "Hello, my name is Ryan. Please come in." Thorn said "Hello, my name is Thorn and my sister's name is Rose."

When they came into the small house, Ryan directed them into the main room. There was a fireplace and one long couch. Sitting at one end of the couch was another boy who looked completely different from Ryan. He had black hair and brown eyes. Ryan said "This is my brother Bryan. Bryan, this is Rose and this is Thorn." Bryan said "Hi."

Ryan and Bryan were both staring at Rose and Thorn. For them it was love at first sight. For Rose and Thorn not so much. I mean they thought they looked nice and all but they weren't in love with them. Rose said "Hello, Ryan and Bryan. My sister and I were just wondering if you guys could show us the way out of the the forest."

Bryan said, "Of course we will show you the way out but would it be okay if we could talk to you guys for a little while." Thorn said, Sure, why not? We are not in a hurry anyway." Ryan said "Please, sit down." So they sat down. Rose sat next to Ryan and Thorn sat next to Bryan. They talked for a long time because Ryan and Bryan didn't want Rose and Thorn to leave.

After a little while they were friends. Ryan got up from the couch and said to Bryan, "Bryan, please come into the kitchen." When Bryan came into the kitchen Ryan closed the door. Ryan whispered "Should we tell, Rose and Thorn about the curse." Bryan whispered" I think that we have too. "They both went back into the main room. They didn't sit down but stood instead.

Bryan said "We have something to tell you guys."Thorn said "All right, What do you need to tell us?" Ryan said "We are under a curse and the only way it can be broken is if you guys help us." Rose said "What do need us to do? I want to help but what about you Thorn?" Thorn said "Of course I want to help break the curse. What do want us to do?"

Ryan said "Before I tell you what to do to break the curse I need to explain what the curse is. About two years ago my brother and I were walking in the woods. We had heard about a witch that sometimes gave out gifts and sometimes gave out curses. My brother and I thought that we should try and get a gift from the witch. When we got there, the witch immediately decided that she didn't like us so she cursed us. The curse was that she stuck us in our house for two years. There was always enough food for both of us though. We could never leave our house. The other part of the curse was that a two girls had to come and give us True Love's Kiss within two years. The catch was that the girls and us had to both be in love with each other or the kiss wouldn't work. If this didn't happen within two years then both of us would be turned into dust. This is a true story."

Rose and Thorn were both staring at Ryan and couldn't believe what they were hearing. Bryan said "I know this is a shock. There is one thing my brother forgot to mention. There is only about a month before we both turn into dust." Ryan said " Rose, I love you from bottom of my heart." Bryan said "Thorn, I love you more than anything in the whole world." Rose said "Ryan, I think that you are great friend and I really want to help you but I am not in love with you." Thorn said "Bryan, You are one of the best friends I have ever had but I am not in love with you." Ryan said "I knew you guys didn't love us." Bryan said" Now that you have ripped our hearts out with your words, please leave and never come back."

Ryan and Bryan were both very sad because they loved Rose and Thorn even if they didn't love them back. Rose said "Ryan, Before we leave may I speak with you in private?" Thorn said "Bryan, May I speak with you in private?" They both miserably said sure. Ryan showed Rose to the kitchen and Bryan stayed with Thorn in the main room.

Ryan said "What do you want to say to me?" Rose said "Ryan, I think of you as a friend but that doesn't mean that I couldn't learn to love you." Ryan warily said "How am I supposed to know if you will actually love me by the end of the month?" Rose said "I already love you as a friend so I think that if I get to know you a little better then I will love you."

Bryan said "What do you want?" Thorn said "Bryan, you are a great friend. I already love you as a friend so I think that I will fall in love with you soon." Bryan said "How will I know if you will love me? You only have about a month." "Thorn said "You just have to trust me."

Ryan and Rose came back into the main room. Ryan and Bryan decided to do a lot of fun activities over the following days, so Rose and Thorn would fall in love with them. So, they all did lots if fun activities and then there was only one day left before Ryan and Bryan would turn into dust. After a super fun day, Ryan, Bryan, Rose, and Thorn were all in the main room at the small house. They decided to sit on the long couch. Ryan sat next to Rose and Bryan sat next to Thorn.

Ryan decided to ask the question first. He said "Rose, Do you love me?" Rose said "I love you, Ryan." Bryan asked "Thorn, Do you love me?" Thorn said "I love you, Bryan." Ryan and Rose kissed. Bryan and Thorn kissed. There was a glowing light around them. Ryan and Bryan stood up and said "You have broken our curse. One more thing we forgot to mention. We are princes."

Then suddenly Ryan and Bryan's clothes turned all fancy. The house turned into a castle. Rose and Thorn's clothes turned into beautiful dresses. Ryan and Bryan asked " Will you guys marry us?" Rose and Thorn both said "Yes." Everyone was very happy. They all lived happily ever after. (As all good stories end) :)

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