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A Ghost Story

Burgas, Bulgaria

There is a legend in our town about a house located in the outskirts. A long time ago, the owner of the house – Sir James O’Connor thought that he was possessed by evil spirits and murdered his family as a sacrificial offering. In the end he died of severe mental breakdown. But he didn’t escape justice for his wife’s relatives cursed him to haunt the house eternally as a ghost.

A few years later, a family decided to settle in. They were the Goldwins – a typical English family which was bored with city life and wanted to live somewhere near nature. They thought that O’Connor’s house was the perfect place for them with its picturesque landscape. Despite the rumours surrounding the house, the Goldwins didn’t really believe in superstitious mumbo-jumbo. So they bought the house, renovated it and moved in.

While the family was living happily in their new home, the malevolent spirit was quietly observing them, learning their habits and conceiving a plan to scare them off. So, one night while the Goldwins were having dinner, the ghost tried to pull the table blanket but because his body was immaterial his arms just passed through it. The plan was a total disaster – instead of scaring them, the Goldwin family started laughing out loud at his old fashioned clothes and appearance. The ghost ran away embarrassed. Although he lost this battle, the war was far from over. On the next night, while Goldwin Junior was training with the rapier, O’Connor tried to scare him again. However, the boy just used him as a dummy, stabbing him repeatedly with the rapier. Another battle lost. But he had another trick under his sleeve and was determined to make the intruders pay.

He knew that the Goldwins had recently bought a new TV and were planning to watch a horror movie this night. O’Connor’s grand plan was to use his illusionary talents, since he was a famous magician in his lifetime, to make the images look real and scare his enemies to hell. The Goldwins were sitting in the living room with lights turned off and were staring at the TV screen. Suddenly, the zombies started popping out from the screen and surrounded the family. O’Connor, full with joy, was waiting to see the family run in terror. But instead of screaming, he heard shouts of excitement – the family was impressed by the 3D quality of their TV. They were everything else but scared. O’Connor realized that the war was over and he retreated in his chambers in the cellar with tears falling from his eyes.

One day, when the family was having lunch, Mr. Goldwin asked his daughter Jane to get some wine from the cellar. She went there and met the defeated evil ghost. Surprisingly, he didn’t try to scare – he was crying. The girl felt sorry for and asked him if she could do something to make him feel better. O’Connor noticed that Jane’s sympathy and told her about his life. He mentioned that the only to lift curse was to bring his wife’s necklace to his grave. He obviously can’t do that because of his ethereal body and because he was bound never to leave the house. Jane was touched by the ghost’s story and without hesitation did what was necessary to break the curse.

Before leaving the mortal world, O’Connor wanted to return the favour which Jane did for him. He knew that Jane wanted to study in Oxford but her family didn’t have enough resources to send her there. So he showed her the location of a treasure which he buried a long time ago. Jane was very thankful because she could now fulfill her dream and promised never to forget the ghost.

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