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The Beginning to End

A myth submitted to the site by Kalinda Luna

North Carolina, United States

Once upon a time there was nothing at all except a fairy by the name of Kori. She wanted to create earth and the havens and all that good stuff but had no one to put on earth, so she created a man and a woman from fairy dust. The woman had long dark brown thick hair; a brown skin complexion; hazel eyes; and a shape like a Beyonce look alike. The man had short curly hair, a lighter skin complexion than the woman, light brown eyes, and a body of a Chris Brown look alike. The woman's name was 4 Bracelets and the man's name was 2 Chainz.

One day they went to the fairy and told her that they were lonely and wanted a child. So the fairy dropped a seed inside the woman's head and made her jump up and down. Then she told the man to dig in her brain and pick out a piece of paper. He pulled out a piece of paper that read " 3 Rings; Female." The fairy pulled a box from behind her back and handed it to the couple. They opened it and took out a baby girl named 3 Rings. They told the fairy that they needed a place to live since they have a child now. So the fairy created earth, the sky, and the heavens. On this earth she built plenty of houses, companies, hospitals, stores and all the things the family needed to survive. She then put random people on earth to run the stores and to work at all these places.

For the most part the family was living great and luxurious. Until one day they woke up to a note beside their bed. It read "Dear my first creation, I have lived as long as I could. When you wake up tomorrow and read this you will realize that I am longer here. I am granting you with all the powers that I once had. When you die you will pass it on to 3 Rings and she will pass it on also when she is gone. Sincerely, Fairy." 2 Chainz and 4 Bracelets grieved for a few seconds then got over it. They then told 3 Rings about the passing of Fairy and how that they have all her powers. Also that when they die all the power would be 3 Rings'.

3 Rings was lowkey jealous and begin to plot on how to kill them so she can have the power. That night 3 Rings played some Lil B really loud and the horrible sound of the music killed 2 Chainz and 4 Bracelets. She was then granted with all of the power that her parents once had. That night 3 Rigns tripper over a shoe that she left on the floor and bumped her head on the hard wood floor and died. 3 Rings had no one to pass the powers on to, the world disappered.

By Kalinda Luna
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