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How This Came About

A myth submitted to the site by Jara Lougin

Long ago before our beautiful world was created, there wasnt anything here! Until our awesome creator came along who came when the dark sky spilt open. As he was falling he shouted out, light the top half and the clear blue sky and bright son appeared. He then thought some cushion to break my fall, then came the grass.

He fell down to the ground and looked around as if he couldnt believe what he had done. He rubbed his fingers together and twirled in a circle, making our ocean appear but he felt as if it was too big so he decided split them up and give them names. Suddenly a loud rumble frightened the man which we would call Zyon, he looked up and he seen a beautiful lady falling just as he did.

My love he shouted at once we must create together, not even knowing him she grabbed his and and did just as he said. Her long brown hair trailed behind her as they walk making flowers and insects appear, every step she took make a tree come about covering every peice of land.

They went to one of the little bodies of water that Zyon had previously made and drank, as they were drinking she sneezed and the water was filled with fish, she had a great smile on her face which made the birds pop up it was like she connected with the nature more than zyon did.

Zyon didnt like her getting all the attention from the cute little animals so Zyon ran far away from her and his frustration took hold of him, meaning everything he created was now bad all evil. Big angry animals came, loud thunders in the sky darkness was brought back, but what Zyon didn't know was that without his love by his side his mad creations were on temporary.

So when the darkness would come his lady would sleep knowing the in a few he would soon have too see the goodness would always over power him. And thats how day and night, our oceans animals and everything else came what and experience.

By Jara Lougin
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