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The Unnoticed from the Woods

A myth submitted to the site by Ivona Kondeva And Rositsa Obreykova

The woods, Bulgaria

One beautiful sunny day Rebecca was at home taking care of her sister while her parents were on a vacation. She was really happy, because she was going to have a lot of fun when nobody was around to stop her.

The only responsibility was her 8-year old sister called Lilly. But Rebecca and her best friends Vanessa and Jenny had already made up a plan for the evening. They were going to the woods and have a tent-party. The girls prepared everything and went into the woods. But it was getting darker and darker, colder and colder. Lilly became so sensitive to the noises of the forest, because she was afraid of monsters and beasts.

Vanessa told her: "Hey, Lilly don’t be scared. Everything’s alright. There are no monsters here." Lilly calmed down. The girls found a nice area in the woods near a stream. It was a very pleasant place and looked just like a fairytale nook. They stretched their tents and lit a fire. Jenny started to tell the others a story:
"Did you know that 40 years ago in this forest a boy and girl were killed? Actually the story tells that they were so in love with each other, but their families didn’t agree with this love. So the couple decided to run through this forest to the big city where no one can find them. But unfortunately they found their death here. And nobody knows how they died."

Rebecca sighed despairingly: "So sad for them." And suddenly, the girls heard something strange. They saw a human shadow and started screaming.

Lilly was so frightened she ran away, but Rebecca had to follow her, because the forest was a dangerous place in the night. She overtook Lilly and they returned to Vanessa and Jenny. But they were gone.

Rebecca didn’t know what to do when she heard people laughing. She grabbed Lilly’s hand and looked behind some bushes where Vanessa, Jenny and an old man were sitting. Rebecca’s friends explained her that this was Oliver Wellington. He was Kate Morrison’s man. Rebecca said: "OK. Nice to meet you Mr. Wellington!", "Rebecca, you don’t understand! Mr. Wellington is the boy from the story I told you. And he has been living in the woods for 40 years without anyone to notice", hurried to clear Jenny.

By Ivona Kondeva And Rositsa Obreykova
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