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Talking animals

Long time ago in a happy green forest there lived all kinds of animals like bears, rabbits, wolves, snakes, owls, lions, tigers and many others. All of them could talk. They all lived peacefully and in harmony, they all were in good relationships with each other.

Every day they were partying and sharing almost everything.
Until one bright some of those animals found a village and started communicating with people who lived there. In the beginning they were talking about unimportant stuff but later animals and people got closer to each other. It was this what people were waiting for, to get friendly with talking animals and to start learning the secrets of nature that the Gods gave them. After two days of deer, rabbits, wolves, pigs, and other animals talking and sharing secrets with humans, people finally knew all the secrets of nature and were ready to dominate it. This, of course, would shift the balance in nature a whole lot. So the Gods decided to stop this or else the humans could destroy the world they knew.

In order to stop this they had to both erase this knowledge from everyone who knew the secrets and make sure animals won`t do this again, so as the animals were preparing to leave with all the precious gifts humans gave to them the youngest of the Gods appeared to them as a goat and gave the humans a magical drink that would make them forget everything they did in the past THREE days. So he put this drink in each and every drop of water in the town and left. Later as the animals we`re going back to their usual places in the forest all the Gods appeared to them and cast a spell that would make them and their heirs unable to ever speak.

And from ever since animals are unable to speak any type of human language nor are people able to understand any type of animal language.

Myth (Talking animals)

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