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The Headless Beast

A myth submitted to the site by Rojaya Daley

Manchester, England

Once upon a time there lived a man who took awaya aliens but there were these gods one was called zus. He made a army of gods and they had to make sure the aliens were not giving any trouble.After that day the were this alarm so all the gods had to get there tools but one did not go because they were scared so they left him.

As they were going in a invisble car they zoomed to space. They reached their in 10 mins, as they got there the the man and his army trapped them in a net as they was coming.

Zus had a phone so he phoned the other god so the god quickly came to the rescue but he got their in 5 mins because he's car was so fast.
"What do you want with us" said Zus, "I want you because I have been watching every move you step so I got the trap ready for you" replied Max (In a meen way.)

The other god came to the rescue and got his lazer and snapped the net. Max and the gods where friends but Max had to tell them where the kittens were. When the got the kittens the tranformed themselves into a huge beast. Zus got his lazer out thinking he would be dead but he wasn't. "You can only kill me by taking my heart out" said the headless beatle. one of the god's got his knife and cut him open and took out his heart "Hooray, hooray" shouted everyone and they always where friends and never ever would break up.

By Rojaya Daley
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