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Supernatural kingdom

A myth submitted to the site by Zornitsa Anastasiya

Bourgas, Bulgaria

Once upon a time, there were two kingdoms situated quite close to one another. Basically, you might think that as they are so called neighbours, they would reinforce the kingdoms by joining forces. However, it appeared to happen the reverse. The south kingdom whose king has two sons was more powerful and had very united acquired qualities. On the other hand, in the south-east kingdom was a princess who was supposed to succeed to the throne. In addition, this kingdom had a decent secret. Supernatural creatures, magical animals have lived and wandered around it.

Moreover, they banked on demons and evil, according to their beliefs, should win in the end. By and large, it’s likely to be deemed that the south kingdom fights in favor of the good and the south-east one against it. Years went back, there were wars and affairs of honor and invariably south kingdom proved to be the best.

Years of bearing grudge, the princess has decided to take urgent steps before her kingdom falls apart. She escaped from the castle and went straight into the woods. She knew what she was doing but in order to delude the brothers she had to pretend she was in the deep water.

She was screaming and begging for help until the two big and well-built men came. At first, they dither whether to help her but in the end they were brought round. Being taken to the south kingdom, the princess started retelling her made-out story.

She seemed to have a keen nose for such disillusioned events. Sabrina was her name, explained that she couldn’t put up with her father’s bad temper and above all she had to follow his outlooks. She wanted to imprison every one of the living soles as she confessed, surprisingly, the many demons and supernatural creatures weren’t a myth. Several days went on nobody had looked for Sabrina. The brothers did believe her and promised they would do everything they could to help her.

A whole year passed on whilst they were trying to come up with a strategy. What had happened before they stood up against the south-east kingdom was that they found the princess wasn’t the princess. She was possessed by a demon as this was the brilliant idea of the king. The brothers were smart and they noticed the scarf the demon ingrained on the princess’ skin. Everything was made up this way as the princess had refused to do such an evil action. At the end, wasn’t the evil king that won but the good and kind brothers who defended their kingdom with their lives.


By Zornitsa Anastasiya
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