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Mother`s Care

Once upon a time there was a little baby who was left by his parents because they didnt have enough money to raise him. Lucas was left alone without any food or protection,for his luck one old lady that was living in the forest found and raised him.

When the boy grown up his only goal was taking care of the old lady the way she did all this years. One day when Lucas was out on a walk with the old lady he was stopped and attacked by 5 unknown guys. He fought with them until they pointed out their weapons at Lucas and started threatening him. The boy couldn`t do anything so he was just waiting to see what they would do. They told him that the attack was caused because of a king`s order. The king thought that the old lady is a witch so she must be taken to the kingdom. The lady agreed and was taken to the kingdom.

The next couple of days Lucas was feeling so depresed and full of anger that he decided to train and go to the kingdom to save the old lady. Two weeks later when Lucas was training with his sword he heard a rumor that king`s daughter was kidnapped and there will be a big payment for the guy who saves her.

When he heard that the boy touched his medallion which was the only thing left from the old lady and without waisting any time started walking to the castle. Two days later when he arrived, Lucas walked in angrily, pushing all the security and told to the king that he will save his daughter but he must release the old lady. The king agreed and in that second Lucas picked up his sword and went on a long jorney.

One week later he arrived in a cave where the princess was captured by a wizzard and his dragon. Lucas was looking with desperation and he didn`t know what to do, when suddenly his medallion started to flash. At that moment he remembered that the old lady told him that this medallion can do special things. So he throw it at the dragon and the cave exploded. He took the princess away and they returned together into the kingdom.

The princess and the old lady were saved and everybody was happy.

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