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The Magical Door

A myth submitted to the site by Nikola & Rositsa D.

Burags, Bulgaria

During the summer of 1924 there was a man named SamThode. By that time he was at the age of 24. His parents vanished into thin air when he was three years old. Thus his grandfather Evelthon Thode raised him. They lived in a small farm in the countryside. The only resource of many were the potatoes they were selling and bartering. Every day the little boy and his grandpa worked in the farm to make their living.

One day when Sam was only 15 his grandfather had a heart attack. Sam had to do all the work on his own. It was a dry summer therefore they had a very poor crop. The poor family had almost no money, they couldn’t afford the medicines needed for Evelthon’s treatment. The old man died soon. Before his death he wrote a letter to his grandson. The letter says that the retiree devised an old house to Sam. There was also a map that showed the location of the house. The orphan didn’t pay any attention to the letter, he even threw it away.

After nine years he was looking for something and suddenly found the letter and the map. Sam decided to search for the mysterious house. After many hours of searching he finally arrived. He tried to open the door, but it was locked. Sam was despondent. The poor boy sat down on a decayed bench, it was so old that it broke down. He fell down and found a key by accident. He unlocked the door and saw a portal leading to other space.

After a few hours Sam woke up in the middle of nowhere. He heard strange voices in his head. The man looked around and saw a spectral owl. The bird explained where Sam was and what he was doing there.

From that moment no one has ever heard of Sam. The legend says that the owl was a spirit that helped the man to find his parents. It is believed that when a person goes through that mysterious house door he never comes back.

Rositsa Darakchieva and Nikola XI “G” class

By Nikola & Rositsa D.
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