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The Curse of The River Monster

Bourgas, Bulgaria

Once upon a time there was a young boy who loved to swim. He would go to the nearby river to practice his swimming skills every morning. He would swim from dawn 'till dusk and never get tired. One day, while he was swimming, he felt something biting leg. It was an unusual bite, because he didn't feel any pain - only discomfort.

As he went home he started to feel weird and passed out while he was eating. Strangely enough, he woke up near the river. As he looked around he found a fish skull bone on which it the words "The curse of the river monster has been passed on to you as you are the most innocent soul in the River Valley" were written.

A tidal wave of questions stormed through his head, but the thing that bothered him the most was how was he going to live from now on. Then he looked into the clear river waters and screamed with horror as he saw himself covered in seaweed-green scales, fins instead of limbs and a horrible monsterous face with fish lips and eyes as dark as night.

Though he fell into a complete shock, he managed to think rationally and dived into the river and began to swim in direction of the nearby village. Though he fell into a complete shock, the overwhelming urge to eat something rather unusual occupied his mind as well as his instincts. That thing was indeed, human flesh.

He dove into the river and swam towards the nearby village seeking to quench his overwhealming hunger's desire. The local fishermen had been sitting in their boats for hours in order to make their living. Everything was going well except for the 10 foot man - eating monster that was coming exactly their way.

A fisherman was looking at his float as it started to wobble. Then suddenly it sank, pulling the fisherman along with it. Only a few bubbles rose from the water as the other fishermen watched in horror. Amazed at what had just happened they could not find any rational explanation. There couldn't have been a shark in's just not possible... Waiting anxeously in fear, suddenly something unseen jumped high above water level for all eyes to see.

The groteque creature was like nothing they had seen before. It's evil eyes and green scales made the fishermen run in panic - but that was exactly what it had hoped. Soon began a massacure - the clear waters turned red, the boats were sunk to the bottom and nothing was left of the fishermen.

It didn't last long until the village's population realized what had happened. Eventually they were forced to pay tribute to the river monster if they wanted to use it for vital needs. Thing is, their forceful contribution was of no materialistic value. It was human life. Day after day, month after month, the years passed. The village became deserted and the monster was in need of flesh but was also stricken in years. He had no choice but to move to another village and find a pure soul to continue the curse.

One day, a small boy decided to go for a walk around the coastline of the nearby river next to his village. Extra-ordinary circumstances led to him getting bitten and reading a skull bone, with the saying "The curse of the river monster has been passed on to you as you are the most innocent soul in the River Valley" carved into it.

And what happened to our river monster you may ask? With its last breath it pulled itself ashore and lay there looking at the sun. 'The world is a rotten place and not one pure should will be left uncorrupted!' - he said. Then he lay still on the rough sand. Days later some people found the rotten remains of an innocent young boy laying by the river...

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