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The legend of the ill-fated Thomas

A myth submitted to the site by Gabriela Ivanova And Mihaela Georgieva

Burgas, Bulgaria

-“Which one should I choose?”-wonders Michael, a freshman in the college of Minnesota. He’s going through the list of all brotherhoods and accidently comes across the name of “DIB”-What about this one?”
-“Are you crazy?! Haven’t you heard the legend of this brotherhood?”
-“There’s a story about it?”
-“Not just a story… they didn’t rename it “DIB” by chance. Ok, I’ll tell you about it.

A few years ago, at the beginning of the term, there were some boys considered to be really good friends. They were even part of one brotherhood and because of being so truthful to each other, they never tried to disobey the rules of the hood. However, this was probably one of the most troublesome groups of the college which used to gather in a house that was right next to the Wattons’ one, where an old ordinary woman lived, usually in a silent way. Only because of their noisiness, she’d complained of them all of the time, something that could always get them very angry.

After another complaint, one of the guys, Thomas suggested them to burn Watton’s house. The others had no good feelings about it and found this idea ridiculous and illegal, that’s why they didn’t want to join him. Although the members of this brotherhood did not support Thomas’ plan, he decided to do it on his own anyway. The rest of the group warned the old lady of a possible trouble and asked her not to call the police, but to follow their plan.

And so came the day. Thomas had everything prepared. He took one bottle of gasoline, a box of matches and some gloves to put on his hands so as not to leave footprints after himself. The night before the arson, though, the other boys decided to change the gasoline with a bottle of something else at the thought of preventing the accident.

Later on, after carefully spying Watton leaving her house, Thomas broke into the door and set about implementing his plan. He spilt the presumptive gasoline all over the floor and lit one match… but it didn’t work. So, he tried one more time, but it didn’t work again. He got angry and lit almost all of the matches from the box, until he came up with an idea. In view of the fact that the home lighting in this neighborhood had stopped periodically, every house was reserved with certain amount of kerosene, just in case of an emergency. Therefore, Thomas decided to check in the basement, whether the old woman kept some kerosene there. It was really dark and he couldn’t see anything. The fluid reached to the basement’s door and before coming down the stairs, Thomas slipped up. He fell down so badly that he injured his head and couldn’t move. There was nobody around to help him… but it wasn’t even needed, Thomas was already dead.

Some students claim that he’s just disappeared, but we all know what has actually happened. After all, what goes around comes all the way back around!”
-“Ohh, that’s awful! Is it really true?”
-“It’s a legend, Michael… but you should consider carefully the idea of joining that brotherhood. Like I said, they didn’t rename it by chance- DIB is for “dead in the basement”… creepy, don’t you think.”

By Gabriela Ivanova And Mihaela Georgieva
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